6 Wi-Fi and Technology Blogs You Should Take a Look at

19th Jun 2015

If you come by our blog regularly you’ll know by now that we are big tech-fans… and unashamedly so! We talk a lot about enterprise wireless LAN developments and WiFi more broadly, but we also like to look at the technology world through the lens of the consumer as well…after all, when we aren’t at work that’s exactly what we are.

Whether it’s our experiences of WiFi in hotels, airports, coffee shops or with our latest gadgets, we hope you can find an article somewhere within the blog that chimes with you in one way or another.

This week I’d like to share a bit of love with our fellow WiFi and technology ‘musers’ (yes, that’s right, we aren’t the only ones!). There are so many amazing technology focused blogs out there that anyone with even a passing interest is spoilt for choice, and this made the selection process for this post tricky to say the least.

Here a few blogs/articles that I’ve loved and think you should check out when you have a minute…

In no particular order…

WWW.WIFIKIWI.COM  (http://www.wifikiwi.com/pki/dating-identity-and-iot/ )

I really enjoy this blog and think you will to. It has a great balance of information and humour and is written in a tone which is easily consumable to techies and non-techies alike. In this particular article ‘WildDev’ gives us an interesting insight into his nocturnal thought processes as he lies in bed contemplating the similarities between online dating and the much-discussed Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things has become something of a buzz phrase within the technology industry and the buzz appears to show little sign of dissipating. We are all for innovation but - as with many ‘hyped’ technologies - sometimes the realities of the situation can get somewhat lost. We aren’t saying it won’t happen, just that networks, and network security in particular, must be prepared for the tsunami of devices!

And this sentiment echoes WildDev’s comparison; the way he sees it, there are certain negative implications for trust with so many devices being interconnected. For him – and us for that matter - a new level of verification is just one element necessary for a safer IoT world.

MCKEAY.NET  (http://mckeay.net/)

Helping businesses to stay secure in the fight against the latest cyber-threats is a big part of what we do. In a sector which moves at lightning speed there is always something new to discuss or investigate…and the blogosphere certainly reflects that!

Martin McKeay has been at this blogging game for a lot longer than most. Since 2003 he has been contributing to discussions on network security and in his own words, “test[ing] his own ideas by putting them up for peer review”.

If you’re not a massive ‘techy’, don’t worry, Martin has a very conversational style of writing and his content is generally written for everyone.

WWW.STAYSAFEONLINE.ORG (https://www.staysafeonline.org/blog/the-year-of-wifi-security-protect-yourself-in-2015-and-beyond)

We talk a lot…OK, a hell of a lot, about network security; as I mentioned above, it’s a massive part of what we do and, in many ways, should be a massive part of what you do too.

I know it can be difficult to feel immediately threatened by cybercrime; after all, the Internet is a big place…what are the chances of you or your business becoming the victim of a hack? Sadly, they are quite high and increasing all the time. In an age where we rely so heavily on our interconnected technologies to live day-to-day, the risks and consequences of compromise are all too real.

This fantastic blog is crammed full of useful information aimed at keeping us all safe online…what could be bad about that? There are even sections for business owners seeking to assess the risks to their business and to take steps to protect their most valuable data.

BLOGS.DISCOVERMAGAZINE.COM (http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/d-brief/2014/05/28/the-moon-is-now-a-wi-fi-hotspot/#.VYKSJPlVhBc)

I lied! As you may already know, Discover Magazine isn’t really about Wi-Fi…in fact it isn’t usually about Wi-Fi at all. But I wanted to include this particular article as it'll leave you with one of those nice little facts you can drop into conversation to impress your pals...or lose their attention completely; I forget which?

OK, I admit it, I am a space nerd… the shear vastness and majesty of it all blows my tiny mind and I love it. In this particular article, Discover journalist, Carl Engelking, explores how scientists have managed to turn the moon – YES, THE MOON! – into a WiFi hotspot. Not only this, apparently the speeds are as good as, if not better, than most home networks. Very cool!



I may have cheated here slightly…I’ve chosen two articles from this blog, one of which is technical…the other just makes me laugh.

Lee Badman is a Technical Architect and his blog is a mix of opinion and WLAN-based observations – perfect for anyone with their finger on the pulse of the industry.

The second article of the two delves into the world of Wi-Fi beacons, something particularly close to home as we have been looking into a Wi-Fi navigation technology which uses Wi-Fi beacons to track users around spaces such as shopping malls, airports and hospitals.

If you want an informative introduction to beacon technology, look no further!

The Twitter article is just brilliant. As the man in charge of Digital Marketing here at Ensign I can relate to the annoyance of fictitious social media accounts…or bots as we know them! His Kaylee ‘Singleton’ example is both hilarious and slightly worrying.  Check it out.

WWW.YADWIRE.COM (https://www.yadwire.com/content-injection-wifi-stadium-monetization/)

Yadwire are all about money, in the best possible way! In their world, public Wi-Fi should both increase user engagement - through ads and offers - and work for the owner, giving them a healthy return on their Wi-Fi investment.

‘We want to provide WiFi, but it’s simply too expensive’, is a common refrain among business owners.  Well then, monetize it. There are a great many creative ways to make wireless networks work for today’s businesses with better user analytics, targeted advertising and marketing.

Stadium WiFi is a common subject of discussion for us at the moment, and it’s a major concern for the sports and live events industry... I wrote a blog earlier this year about the scale of data usage at the NFL’s annual finale, The SuperBowl. It became clear that without decent WiFi, sports teams and franchises would be missing a trick in the coming seasons. As the Yadwire blog points out, a 2011 Cisco report stated that, “Internet connectivity is now deemed as important as air, water, food and shelter”. Couple this with fans actually leaving stadiums on account of poor WiFi and you know you’ve got an issue on your hands!

I could go on…

That’s it! There are at least another 20 blogs and articles that I could include in this list, and I do feel slightly bad for not doing so. Maybe I’ll just save them for another day!

If you have any favourite blogs you’d like to shout about, let us know!

What Next?

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