Advanced Security

detect and respond to sophisticated attacks

Our machine learning AI driven cyber security platform keeps threats on the outside with comprehensive real time visibility. Providing detection and response capabilities, your end-to-end network infrastructure is protected, without relying on rules or signatures

In partnership with global network security leaders Darktrace, Ensign apply artificial intelligence to cyber defence, enabling your network to detect cyber-threats that legacy systems simply cannot

Darktrace Proof of Value

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Unlike traditional detection and response approaches which rely on blacklists, rules and signatures, our solution self-learns from your networked data, resulting in a bespoke and evolving understanding of your network. This unique approach can detect the most sophisticated and stealthy cyber-threats that other tools miss

Unsupervised machine learning cyber AI technology that detects novel attacks and insider threats at an early stage; learning and understanding ‘what is normal’ across every networked user and device within your business - without relying on rules, signatures, or pre-loaded assumptions

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Powered by cyber artificial intelligence, respond to cyber-attacks within seconds, maximising your security when IT teams are overwhelmed, or threats come out of business hours

Autonomous response AI decision-making takes action against in-progress cyber-threats, stopping them before any damage is done. Crucial for defending against fast-moving threats inc. ransomware, giving your security team time to catch up without interrupting daily business operations. Autonomous decisions are made in real time, repeatedly updated by continued observation of threats as they unfold


•    Detect unpredictable attacks leveraging AI
•    Prevent emerging attacks instantly
•    Identify & mitigate novel attacks & insider threats
•    Stop advanced phishing & digital email attacks
•    Continued learn & adap, improving every minute
•    Understand your evolving network DNA