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User Experience Insight


User perspective network and application performance analytics. A great user experience is key in achieving your objectives. Constantly measuring your network performance allows you to make pre-emptive remediation decisions, before your business is ever impacted.

Peace of mind | Less frustration | Real-time view | User experience performamce metrics
A complete view | Compatible with any network | No network disruption | IT investment longevity

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Network User Experience Insight

Great user experience is key in achieving your objectives. 80% of enterprises directly link experience and visibility to improved profitability. Our User Experience Insight (UXI) platform empowers enterprises with a new focus on user satisfaction and application service levels.

Through continuous monitoring and testing of the network from a user perspective, it’s easier than ever to separate Wi-Fi issues from others impacting DHCP, DNS, or cloud connectivity.

Key features include: 

Consistent user network & app experiences

Network & Application Performance Analytics

Pre-emptive Efficiency Management – No expertise needed

Real-time holistic network visibility across your estate

View the network from the user perspective

With network user experience insight, we simply deploy sensors with cloud processed data and a straightforward graphical interface that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This gives your IT teams and your users the best possible network connectivity experience.

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