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All of your voice, video and data traffic communicates across your corporate network, and for those devices jumping between your
corporate network and the cellular network, then the need for user and device identified and security is even more important.

The modern business is no longer confined to an allocated desk in the office, instead you encourage employees to work 
collaboratively, allowing them to improve performance and enhance innovative thinking. This mobility requires a different approach to
the design of your network. More and more businesses are moving away from fixed Ethernet cabling and instead leveraging the wireless
network. It's quicker, easier and critically it's mobile.

Speaking of mobility, the move to home working continues to increase at pace, and the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic meant that the need to
mobilise employees from home at a moment's notice was critical to continued productivity and in many instances, survival of the business.

At Ensign we understand your challenges and objectives, because we experience them too. We offer a range of solutions, designed for
businesses of all sizes, and all budgets. We can design, deploy, secure, manage and analyse your enterprise network; we've been doing
it for our clients for over 30 years.



Proud to Work With

Investing heavily in new distribution, logistics and staffing initiatives, Sainsbury's approached Ensign to provide wireless LAN infrastructures to hundreds of Sainsbury’s stores across the British Isles.

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In order to meet increasing product demand, JLR’s UK parts distribution operation was moved to Liverpool, with plans to operate out of a new 400,000 sq ft site on the Phoenix Industrial Estate at Ellesmere Port.

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