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Diamond MS

Diamond Managed Service

full managed service for a complete network management solution


The complete management of your network infrastructure is complex, time consuming and can be extremely costly. Offloading the challenges to an expert removes pressures you don’t need and ensures that all business critical network activities are taken care of. This includes reactive support such as break fix, proactive support such as network management and software updates right through to planned health checks, reporting, analytics and any necessary changes.

Ensign have been supporting client's networks for 35 years, so why not take some pressure off your IT team allowing you to concentrate on your day to day business activities.

'Diamond Managed Service' includes both 'Silver' and 'Gold' MS as standard

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Scheduled Network Health

Scheduled Health Checks

Once you’ve signed up for Diamond support, we will schedule to conduct a complete health assessment proving a current view of all devices connected to your network.

A network schematic will be created, plus backup of configurations and the creation of supporting documentation.

A comprehensive health check will be conducted every 6 months, and if you should require more frequent health checks just let us know

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Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports will be created and issued to you, making sure you will have a complete picture of your network, and its performance,all the time. This will include:

Pre-configured reports on performance, availability and security

Service delivery reports to discuss trends, faults, recommendations and firmware updates

Half Year
Complete network health check

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Moves, Adds & Changes

Our change control process brings flexibility to your needs. Using a token-based system, tokens will be calculated and redeemed by ‘time taken’ for required support activities. Our token system covers remote changes and requires us to have a secure remote link to your network

Depending upon your MAC needs, you can purchase a set number of tokens, or a set number of MACs in any 12-month period. Additional tokens will be available for purchase in year

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