Hotel Solutions


The hotel industry is a highly competitive where boosting your TripAdvisor rating leads to recurring revenue, and fully available guest wireless connectivity is expected. The first question when looking to book a family break is often 'How good the WiFi'

Dead-Spots and slow access leads to loss of visitors, your guests expect WiFi speeds to match that of their home or workplace as standard

Ensign offer a range of wireless and guest solutions designed specifically for the hotel sector, including access points, secure guest access and WiFi Insights to ensure you and your guests get the most out of your hotel WiFi investment

Targeted Marketing


Engaging your guests is the most effective way of marketing your business. Nurturing relationships keeps guest coming back, and if they tell their friends about you even better

With Ensign’s Hotel WiFi solutions, increasing customer loyalty is made easier and more effective, through customised captive web-portals, splash pages and social media login, hoteliers are able to target their marketing efforts with powerful analytics driving decisions


  • Push targeted offers to guests
  • Increase customer referrals
  • Branded WiFi login pages
  • Accurate, relevant guest data
  • Engage guests in new ways
  • Build guest loyalty

Hotel Dubai

The Four Seasons Hotel, Dubai

enhancing the guest experience

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The Pines Hotel WiFi in Swanage

The Pines Hotel

enhancing the guest experience

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