Gold MS

Gold Managed Service

proactive infrastructure management for businesses who demand more

The mobility of your workforce is essential to drive innovation, collaboration and performance. Mobility presents you with new network and endpoint issues as employees demand network access anywhere, anytime and from any device.

This means access, security, management and analytics have become more critical and more time consuming than ever. The challenge is that not every business has the luxury of extensive and expert IT teams who have the time to manage and control your network and endpoint infrastructure. 

Ensign’s Gold Managed Service takes away these challenges, leaving management and control in the hands of the experts. 

'Gold Managed Service' includes 'Silver Managed Service' as standard

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Cloud Network Management

Bringing all the capabilities and features of on-premise management, a cloud managed network (at an annual per license cost), comes to you inclusive of the service hosting, the servers, upgrades, updates and support.

With Cloud Management you don't have to worry about maintaining the server side of the management platform, meaning lower CAPEX and greater financial flexibility


On-Premise Network Management

Effortless, scalable, flexible and secure web-based interface enables management of wired, wireless and wide area networks, along with access to the data you need and the ability for basic configuration changes. Features include ability to configure, manage, and monitor your access point cluster groups, plus the creation of bespoke network performance reports, the management of guest access and perform network maintenance activities

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Mobile Device Management

Ensign’s mobile device management (MDM) solution allows you to monitor, manage and secure your employees mobile devices, regardless of mobile service providers or mobile operating system. Our MDM solution allows you to control all aspects of your mobility ecosystem, be it asset location tracking or asset application management, keeping devices and data safe and secure

Installation Lockdown | Geofencing | Location Services
User Permissions | Rapid Support
Application Management | Content Management


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Software Updates

Software Updates

During the lifecycle of your network, software updates (patches), will be developed by the hardware
vendors. Updates are designed to fix glitches or improve performance. Ensign will test the updates and
advise you if we feel the update will optimise your environment. We can then remotely install updates, freeing up valuable time for your own IT teams