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Drive Results with a Smart Plant

intelligence, mobility and visibility reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction


  • EU departure and Covid-19 creating complex manufacturing challenges

  • Reduce plant operation pressures with increased automation

  • Leverage mobility technologies to reduce manufacturing and supply chain costs

  • Create enterprise grade wireless connectivity for operative visibility and optimisation

  • Improve insight and awareness enabling intelligent data-led decisions for improvement

Client Challenge

For maximum productivity your Plant requires agility, flexibility, and visibility; a lack of visibility leads to process and human error, creating inefficiencies costing you money. Ensign’s Smart Plant Solution allows you to streamline your plant processes, empower your operatives to reach optimum productivity levels and ensure you meet the demands of your customers


Smart Plant Solution

Key Benefits:
o    Optimise end to end plant operations
o    Automate processes to reduce human error
o    Reduce connectivity dead-spots improving productivity
o    Real-time visibility maximising network and mobility tech performance


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Client Challenge

Traditional office hours are gone; having the flexibility to mobilise your workforce quickly and securely, from home or a remote location, is now essential for business continuity. Ensign’s Smart Worker solution provides simple plug and play connectivity to your corporate network, keeping employees online and productive


Smart Worker Solution

Key Benefits:
o    Instantly productive workforce
o    Seamless server & application access
o    Zero touch provisioning
o    Highly secure and scalable solution


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Success Stories:

Jaguar Landrover


Aston Martin (2)


Why Choose Ensign?

  • We use business insights to drive transformational business decisions

  • We understand your challenges because we experience them too

  • We offer a range of solutions, designed for businesses of all sizes and all budgets

  • We act as an extension of your team, taking accountability at every step

  • We can design, deploy, manage and analyse your network and mobility environment

  • We've been helping our Manufacturing Industry clients to succeed for over 30 years