Network Access Control

Knowing Users & Devices Connected to Your Network

An increase in workplace devices, the internet of things, plus a continued shift to remote working has changed the way we think about network access control. The application of policy control will reduce the vulnerability risks to your wired and wireless networks

Our Network Access Control (NAC) solution enables effortless onboarding of new users and devices, allowing tailored policy and control compliance to be implemented across your business. Flexible working and increasing IP enabled corporate devices adds unnecessary IT pressures, often making visibility and control seem impossible

Investing in a NAC platform helps to keep your network secure, ensuring full visibility and control in compliance with your security policies. In partnership with market leaders Aruba, Ensign bring you a range of Network Access Control solutions, designed to meet your every need

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Identifying which users and what devices are connecting to your network is the first stage. Automated 'policy enforcement control' ensures that only authenticated and authorised users and devices can connect to your network

Policy enforcement control gives you the real-time visibility you need across any changes or movements on within your network, including which devices are connecting or disconnecting

Specific device level data can also be accessed including device type and model, MAC address, IP address, NIC vendor, OS version and VLAN

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The proliferation of devices in the workplace means manual network policy enforcement has become less and less practical for IT teams, taking up too much time and cost whilst often leaving room for human error

Using a secure portal, or even more secure encryption, you can pre-write policy rules to include who can onboard a device, the type of device users can onboard and how many devices each user can onboard

This allows you to enforce policies during the onboarding of new devices without any involvement from your IT department

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Dynamic policy controls will protect your network, providing real-time threat remediation, no matter the time of day or the location from which a device is connecting to the network. Now more than ever, you must be prepared to take immediate action if you detect unusual network behaviour; and this requires implementing a unified approach to block traffic and disconnect devices when needed

Understanding the health of devices connecting to your network is essential to network security. By pre-defining a ‘device health level’, the solution will automatically conduct endpoint health checks ensuring only compliant devices gain access to your network