Next Generation Firewalls


The security of your business starts with your firewall solution. Legacy security systems are no longer able to support the
modern business, and now is the time to enhance your security to 'prevention-based architectures' designed to evolve with 
your business. Ensign provide a range of industry leading next-generation firewalls, in partnership with the industry' most
innovative vendors.

The exponential growth of both business and user devices which require the network as a platform for performance, has 
opened up a new wave of vulnerabilities your network is exposed to. Neglecting to treat potential threats are costly, and
in some case catastrophic. More and more often we see companies with inadequate security systems in place targeted
and attacked, which not only means potential loss of data and finances, but typically unwanted publicity and experienced
downtime and loss of productivity - each negatively impacting your bottom-line.

Physical Firewalls

Working with our business partners at Palo Alto, we are pleased to provide a complete range of Next-Generation Firewall physical appliances, designed for simplicity, automation, and integration. Our ‘prevention focused’ firewall solutions will simplify and strengthen your security, no matter where you need protection, from your network perimeter, to your mobile and remote workforce.


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Virtual Firewalls

Our range of virtualised Next-Generation Firewalls will protect your business with both segmentation and threat prevention, ensuring speed and agility. Automated, easy to deploy and scalable virtual firewalls are ideal for environments where deploying a hardware firewall solution is either impractical or impossible. Our virtual firewalls provide you with all the capabilities of the hardware firewall, just in a virtual form, so you can secure the environments that are vital for your competitiveness and innovation.


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