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Understanding buyer behaviour to drive sales

retail insight enabling store optimisation and enhanced customer engagement


  • Global factors speeding up transition from the high street to ecommerce

  • Over 50% of all retail spend expected to be online by 2028

  • Digital adoption key to improving CEX, competitive edge and long term survival

  • Streamlining operations and driving efficiency in the distribution a key challenge

  • Ensign's Retail Solutions designed to address the challenges of the modern retailer

Client Challenge

The modern consumer is demanding, shifting loyalty to competitive brands when expectations are not met. The 2020 Gartner Retail CIO Report ranked ‘customer experience’ as the number one priority for improvement

To remain competitive, and in many cases survive the shift to online, retailers need to create immersive smart stores, providing great customer experiences while improving store efficiencies and empowering store assistants to adequately satisfy customer demand


Smart Store Solution

Key Benefits:
o    Rich data access enabling informed planning decisions
o    Connected stores from a single platform & dashboard
o    Zero connectivity dead-spots keeping customers engaged
o    Visibility of customer activity allowing real-time promotion
o    Optimised store layout to better engage customers
o    Creation of smart store environment to retain competitive edge  


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Client Challenge

Your Warehouse is a complex and rugged environment, with many systems needing to inter-operate to maximise efficiency and productivity so that you can meet growing customer demands To achieve flawless fulfilment, you require a smart warehouse and distribution facility

Ensign’s Smart Warehouse Solution allows you to streamline your warehouse processes, empower your operatives to reach optimum productivity levels and ensure you meet the demands of your customers


Smart Warehouse Solution

Key Benefits:
o    Optimise end to end warehouse operations
o    Automate processes reducing human error
o    Reduce connectivity dead-spots improving productivity
o    Fulfil orders quicker by speeding up operatives



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