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Improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty with advanced retail solutions

The Challenge


To survive in today’s digital era, innovation is key. With the high street continuing to move online, 2019 saw 12% of all UK high street outlets vacant. Customers’ expectations are higher than ever, and it has never been more important for retail to maintain relevance, improve customer satisfaction, and provide customers with the digital access they demand

In the age of the modern-buyer, consumer behaviours are changing:

  • 1 in 3 customers leave a brand after one poor experience
  • Customers pay 18% more for great customer experience
  • Impulsive buying increase 49% with personalisation
  • CEX is recognised at the #no1 brand differentiator 

The Solution


The right connectivity tools and the required wireless shop-floor endpoint devices present you with the rich intelligence you need to make informed data-driven optimatation decisionss

With technology as a platform, you can drive employee performance, improve customer satisfaction, and increase store profitability

Our solutions enable you to engage with your customers, streamline your point of sale and inventory management processes, and offer scanning and data capture technologies


Learn how to transform your retail outlet with Aruba Solutions


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Why Ensign for Retail?

We understand the challenges you face in this ever-changing environment. Over the past 35 years, we have helped many of the UK’s leading retailers to achieve their business goals, utilising solutions from customer location-based analytics, inventory tracking, social media login and push marketing, to employee performance tracking and mobile EPOS.

Ensign can design and deploy a bespoke retail solution based solely on your needs as a business.