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Siklu Communication

Siklu Communication have developed the industry’s first all-silicon Point-to-Point Gigabit Microwave Radio Links.

With a 30% share of the millimetre wave market, Siklu Communication have been confirmed as the global leader in a growing sector. Their innovative, carrier-grade, Point-to-Point WiFi and wireless backhaul solutions offer businesses of all kinds a cost-effective alternative to wired infrastructures.

Operating in the 60, 70/80 GHz bands, Siklu’s multi-gigabit fibre-like wireless solutions are applicable within high-density urban, suburban and long range rural scenarios. Based on over 30 patents, their compact and lightweight millimetre-wave radio links are proven to operate without downtime in the most testing outdoor environments – including monsoons and hurricanes. 

The Siklu millimetre-wave radio range has been specifically designed to cope with the challenges faced by today’s businesses and proprietary network infrastructures, such as interference from a growing army of devices and the demand for capacity without losses in performance. 

"High-speed business multi-gigabit connectivity applications"

Siklu Etherhaul

Ensign supply, install & support the entire Siklu point-to-point microwave link range:

  • Siklu Etherhaul 1200 Series
  • Siklu Etherhaul 2200 Series
  • Siklu Etherhaul 2500 Series
  • Siklu Etherhaul 600 Series
  • Siklu Etherhaul 500-TX

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Siklu Etherhaul Bridge Links from Ensign

Business Broadband (Point-to-Point)

With Siklu point-to-point links it’s simple to connect two corporate office buildings using the same broadband network. Using this method of data transfer between sights has numerous benefits for your business, not least the significant savings in costs and time. Siklu’s high-availability links allow the smooth, uninterrupted transfer of voice, data and video across two sites at speeds you might expect from a traditional copper or fibre line.

Mobile Backhaul

The increase in device mobility and the demand for access to mobile data has put a strain on mobile operators and their networks. Mobile users expect unrestricted access to data without a loss in the level of service which they have come to expect. Siklu links for microwave backhaul enable network providers to take a cost-effective approach to the increase of capacity across large distances and over any terrain.

Fibre Extension

Service provider networks don’t always extend to the natural endpoint of your business, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less important. Siklu point-to-point links can act as a complimentary addition to your wired network by extending fibre-like performance to your remote business locations.


Where have we installed Siklu Point to Point bridge links?

Ensign have installed Siklu Microwave links at a variety of customer sites, each with their own sets of challenges and requirements. However, time-after-time, Siklu links have been proven to be highly-resilient in the toughest outdoor conditions whilst providing enterprise-grade performance with unprecedented uptime. 

Read the Siklu / Liverpool Docks case study >>

Siklu Etherhaul 500 TX

As the global leaders in millimetre-wave bridge link market, Siklu links operate in the 60, 70 and 80 GHz frequencies, meaning that businesses and organsiations deploying Siklu can proceed without fear of network congestion or performance reduction through RF interference. 

Millimeter-Wave links for CCTV & WiFi Security Systems

CCTV cameras, by their nature, are remotely positioned, often at the far ends of a business complex or fixed in high or hard-to-reach areas. Connecting an estate of security cameras via a copper or fibre wired infrastructure can be hugely impractical or unnecessarily expensive. With Siklu millimetre-wave radio links the same fibre-like performance can be achieved in fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Not only are point-to-point links for CCTV backhaul a cost effective alternative to wired infrastructure, they also offer the highest degrees of network reliability- a matter of great importance when security is concerned. Capable of 99.999% uptime, Siklu CCTV backhaul solutions have been proven to work continuously in all manner of conditions.

Structured cabling was an impossibility at Dover Castle due to the historical nature of the building and its surroundings. Ensign were approached to overcome this challenge and, together with Siklu, deployed a 'stand-out' wireless bridge solution.

Take a look at the video above! 

Siklu Wireless Bridge Installation at Peel Ports

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