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Optimising Operational Efficiency

intelligence, mobility and visibility reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction


•    Same day / Next day consumer delivery demand creating fulfilment challenges

•    Operatives often over extended, experiencing unprecedented pressures

•    Maximising space utilisation for your delivery fleet often seems unachievable

•    Introduction of smart tech can alleviate some of your most pressing daily challenges

•    Ensign solutions designed to improve visibility, automate processes, improving productivity



Client Challenge

Your Warehouse is a complex and rugged environment, with many systems needing to inter-operate to maximise efficiency and productivity so that you can meet growing customer demands To achieve flawless fulfilment, you require a smart warehouse and distribution facility

Ensign’s Smart Warehouse Solution allows you to streamline your warehouse processes, empower your operatives to reach optimum productivity levels and ensure you meet the demands of your customers


Smart Warehouse Solution

Key Benefits:
o    Optimise end to end warehouse operations
o    Automate processes reducing human error
o    Reduce connectivity dead-spots improving productivity
o    Fulfil orders quicker by speeding up operatives


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Client Challenge

With distribution, transport and logistics more competitive than ever before, running an efficient yard is critical for the success of your business. Many businesses still rely on paper based and manual yard management and control methods, which are inherently flawed and subject to human error

Ensign’s Smart Yard Solution brings technology and automation to the heart of turning your yard operation, helping drive efficiency and performance


Smart Yard Solution

Key Benefits:
o    Cohesive inventory loading & unloading
o    Automated management of yard vehicles
o    Decreased dock congestion
o    Increased yard velocity
o    Controlled asset movement & management


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