WAN Connectivity

bring your business to life with high capacity connectivity

For your business to perform at optimum levels you need a high capacity, low latency connectivity infrastructure. Using a combination of fibre, copper and cellular connectivity we can provide you with a scalable and robust platform for the effective communication of all voice, video, and data traffic – meaning you can satisfy both your business, and your customer, needs for today and tomorrow

Ensign has developed a strategic partnership with connectivity market leaders Virtual1, enabling us to meet every type of connectivity need, utilising the UK’s most advanced network

WAN Benefits

•    High capacity, low latency, simple connectivity
•    Realtime bandwidth change capability
•    Flexible connectivity management
•    Live network analytics to make informed decisions
•    No data loss with recovery and backup
•    Private connectivity giving you peace of mind

1 Portal

award winning client management portal

A simple monitoring and management solution providing you with the flexibility to make instant connectivity changes

1Portal provides an automated and seamless experience, allowing you to add, move or change your connectivity needs between branches in real-time


1 Cloud

highly effective cloud solutions to meet your needs

Access to the Virtual1 Data Centre, providing you with a simple, secure and highly effective cloud solution
We take away time and effort used in infrastructure management; with secure data-recovery and back-up built-in, data loss is a thing of the past

1 Access

networks built for business simplicity and success

1Access presents you with cutting edge connectivity solutions, from 10mb to 10gb
We can design, build and manage your connectivity solution, or for the larger IT department, you can take on full visibility, management and control in-house