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In the age of connectivity and remote working practices, your business continuity and employees’ productivity depend on a reliable wireless connection; for every minute your wireless is down, you lose money.

You need reliable, resilient wireless network solutions capable of providing you with the coverage, capacity, mobility and security levels needed to keep your business fully operational – at all times.

Knowing what wireless solution works best for you and your business needs can be tough, but taking the time to ensure your operations are running as efficiently and productively as possible can save you time (and money) in the long run! Therefore, it is well worth doing.

A WLAN solution will ensure your business can facilitate superior voice, data, video, and location-based services to your network users, meaning more collaborative working and a more productive workforce.

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An integral part of any professional business network, wireless access points (or WAPs) can provide your workforce with robust, secure, and resilient connectivity, wherever they may be.

Each work environment is different, which is why your wireless access points need to be able to perform at their optimum level, even in the most difficult circumstances. WAPs can be made suitable for high density environments, high humidity and high/low temperatures. We are constantly updating our capabilities to support new technologies, including AI and the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standards.

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Maintaining high performance of your WAPs is key to business continuity and productivity. That’s why we work closely with the market-leaders in wireless LAN and wireless access point technology to ensure optimum performance of our clients’ networks.

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Wireless LAN controllers are a core pillar of any enterprise-grade network, acting as the central point for multiple access point deployments. With wireless LAN you are given a wide range of functionalities where you can manage the performance and usage of your network; perfect for workforces that are working remotely.

The wireless LAN controller takes the bandwidth from your router and extends its reach so that multiple devices can connect to your network with ease. It is important that your WLAN controller is reliable, robust and secure to ensure not only business continuity and productivity but also to mitigate security risks.

Often deployed as a pair, wireless LAN controllers give you peace of mind should a network outage or controller failure occur, as your backup controller will seamlessly take its place.

The size of controller required will depend on the size of your business and how many devices you need connected to your network. We have a solution for every business size, so whether you need a small, medium, large or extra-large solution, we’ll have the perfect fit for your business.

We are proud to work with Aruba to supply our clients with the right WLAN solution for their business.

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Remote Access Points enable seamless remote connectivity to your corporate network. Get immediate and secure network access for your users, no matter where they work from.

Versatile RAPs can securely extend your enterprise network at low cost and massive scale, unlike traditional remote networking options such as VPN.

In addition, your business continuity will be secure thanks to multiple failover options to ensure your remote sites remain active – even in the case of man-made incidents, natural disasters or (as we’ve now all experienced) pandemics.

Ensign offer simple, pre-configured plug and play technology – so you can quickly bring your remote local network online with zero-touch provisioning.

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Ensure a consistent connection no matter where you are with Point to Point Wireless. When a fixed connection is neither practical, nor possible, our Point to Point solutions offer your users the freedom to move around your site without loss of connection or quality of service.

Point to point wireless solutions offer you the freedom of connecting an existing network to another network wirelessly without having to run a data cable between the two.

They are often used to connect networks between buildings and are therefore a brilliant solution for those working in the hospitality, education and industrial sectors, connecting multiple buildings across a site or even larger distances.

PtP wireless is also a great option for those working outdoors as it offers robust roaming connectivity capabilities.

Ensign can help you with:

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