Wireless Mesh Networking

mesh networking for expansive spaces

Often, when fibre cabling may be impractical or impossible to deploy across large outdoor spaces, a wireless mesh network is the preferred solution. At its most basic, a mesh network involves the communication of traffic from one radio mast to another. Once configured, this process can be repeated many times to create wide-reaching networks which provide multiple wireless hotspots for users

Wireless mesh routers are designed to provide high densities of users with high performance wireless and are a popular choice as data loss can be up to 40% lower than that of the alternative solutions

Benefits of Wireless Mesh Networks

With no fixed leased line costs and no wiring required when setting up your mesh network, it makes mesh a cost effective and quick to deploy solution

Providing increased network coverage, without the restrictions of a wired network backbone, your wireless mesh nodes can be placed wherever you need them to deliver optimum levels of coverage. Mesh presents you with a fully scalable solution, as mesh nodes can be added or removed at any time should your coverage and requirements change

The speed of a mesh install additionally means reduced installation and maintenance costs, and wireless mesh networks are deployed more efficiently than wired networks


When to Deploy A Wireless Mesh Network

You have a requirement for external Wireless LAN coverage
Your external buildings are too far away from your primary office
You require a system offering seamless connectivity
You need a fully scalable, resilient and secure solution
You want to integrate your external wireless LAN into your internal infrastructure