Wireless Networks

high performance enterprise-grade wireless


The workplace has changed. Today we have more IP enabled technologies than ever, and users demand greater flexibility to drive collaboration and innovation; to facilitate this you need greater mobility

To maintain business continuity and employee productivity a stable, secure, and always available wireless connection is required; dead spots directly impact your profitability

Ensign has been designing, deploying, and managing wireless networks since wireless was invented. We create solutions to optimise your operations, improve your efficiency and ensure your users are productive and have maximum access to the applications they need to perform

In partnership with wireless network leaders Aruba, Ensign offer solutions for every business no matter the environment or the complexity of your requirement – we have the solution

Our Offering

•    Wireless Access Points
•    Wireless LAN Controllers
•    Remote Access Points
•    Point to Point Wireless
•    Point to MultiPoint Wireless



•    Secure, reliable, high performance network
•    Enhanced visibility of users and devices
•    Built-In optimisation intelligence
•    Future proofing with next generation WIFI-6
•    Increased performance and capacity


Wireless LAN Controllers

Wireless LAN controllers are a core pillar of any enterprise-grade network, acting as the central point for multiple access point deployments

The wireless LAN controller takes bandwidth from your router and extends its reach so that multiple devices can connect to your network with ease. A reliable, robust and secure set-up is critical to your business continuity and mitigation of security risks