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Connecting The Unconnected

About Ensign – Business Network Specialists

For over 35 years Ensign has been helping organisations to maximise the value and advantage they gain from their network, connecting their people, devices, and customers. We do this by deploying core to edge networks that are fully aligned to operational needs, secure by design and managed to continually deliver the best possible reliability, performance and actionable insights.

We do this by deploying networks that are fully aligned to operational needs, secure by design and managed to continually deliver the best possible reliability and performance.

What Do You Think About Your Network?

Traditionally organisations have thought about their network in terms of ‘what it does’ rather than ‘what it delivers.’ Business networks were fixed in nature, designed around a set of current needs.

Over time these needs evolve and diverge from the original design, creating gaps in business alignment, capabilities and performance. What is now possible is changing, and how we think about our network also has to change.

Business Network Flexibility

Advances in networking technology and the software defined era has enabled us to create a more dynamic environment. A network where performance insights enable you to respond to the changing demands of end-users, and to continually optimise performance and capability.

Business Network Security

Once focused solely on protecting the network perimeter, this perimeter is no longer clearly defined and as such, we need to protect the network from core to edge, to provide a secure wired and wireless network. This is driving a different approach, one that does not overlay security on our infrastructure, but makes it an integral part of the network, by design.

Business Intelligence

Digitalisation means we have a wealth of information flowing across our network – business intelligence analytics on process flows, workplace usage, data points from sensors and insights into customers utilising guest Wi-Fi. Unlocking this actionable intelligence is key and makes the network a source of significant value.

How Ensign Thinks About Business Networks

At Ensign we are focused on delivering networking infrastructure that provides the agility that organisations need, are secure by design and turns the network into an invaluable source of actionable intelligence.

We do this in three simple ways:

Design & Deploy Secure Managed Networks

Design & Deploy

We take the time to discover and understand your organisation, your environment and what it is you want to achieve. This enables us to design and deploy the technical components that delivers you a secure, reliable and high-performance network.

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Secure Managed Networks

Secure & Manage

We provide you with a managed service for your business-critical network. This enables us to continually optimise your network for the needs of your organisation and reduce risk by ensuring every part of your network is protected and that threats can be quickly identified, isolated and remediated.

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Analyse & Monetise Business Insights

Analyse & Monetise

We enable you to unlock the wealth of intelligence captured by your network. We leverage AI and analytics to gain actionable insights into work practices, operational performance and customer trends and behaviour.

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Experts In Business Networks, Sector Specialists

We have over 35 years of experience in designing, deploying, managing, analysing, optimising and securing networks.

What makes us stand out is our specialisation; applying our expertise in secure core to edge networks to the specific needs of our focus sectors.

We understand what is important to these sectors and deliver the network, security and actionable insights that create differentiated value.

At Ensign we pride ourselves in simplifying the complex, whether that be deploying a high-performance wireless network within a vast warehouse, connecting sensors in education or healthcare facilities, digitally connecting key manufacturing processes, or providing the best possible guest wi-fi experience in-store to customers.

Wireless experts

How We Work With You

Our goal is to provide you with a secure managed business network that delivers value by driving process efficiency, workforce productivity and exceptional customer experience. We achieve this through our proven approach to partnering with our clients.

Discover & Assess

We start by understanding you. We utilise our proven Smart Assessment to understand your organisation, your needs and evaluate every aspect of your current environment.

Design & Deploy Secure Managed Networks

Design & Deploy

We combine the findings of the assessment with our expertise in networking to design and deploy the infrastructure to meet your needs, providing the performance, capacity and security required.

Secure Managed Networks

Secure & Manage

We recognise that your network is mission-critical and also your needs will evolve over time. This is why we provide a fully managed service to continually align and optimise your network and ensure it delivers the performance and protection required both now and in the future.

Analyse & Monetise Business Insights

Analyse & Monetise

We provide a range of AI, business intelligence and analytics solutions that enable you to unlock the data traversing your network to deliver actionable intelligence. Our specialists help you gain insights into what is important to you whether that be processes efficiency, workforce productivity or customer behaviour.

The Value We Deliver To Business Networks

We focus on delivering on the outcomes you desire and require to improve your business.

Design & Deploy Secure Managed Networks

Design & Deploy

  • Improved Network Performance
  • Increased Network Reliability
  • Optimise Cost of Your IT Infrastructure
  • Greater Operational Agility
Secure Managed Networks

Secure & Manage

  • Increase Visibility of Threats
  • Respond Faster to Potential Threats
  • Continuous Network Optimisation & Alignment
  • Reduce Pressure & Burden on IT Team
Analyse & Monetise Business Insights

Analyse & Monetise

  • Increase Workforce Productivity
  • Streamline Work Practices & Processes
  • Understand Customer Behaviours
  • Drive More Value from Customer Engagement