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Ensign offer a full portfolio of professional connectivity and IT infrastructure services, from Broadband to Leased Lines, for businesses across the United Kingdom.

State-of-the-art wireless LAN systems are now commonplace within many businesses, from large corporates to SMEs and independents, the value of robust WiFi is undisputable. However, without the support of high-quality IT network infrastructure and dedicated data transmission services, even the very best in wireless technology will fall short of contemporary standards.

Investment in your IT network infrastructure will future-proof your business network, providing the capacity, security and scalability to grow alongside you and safeguarding your business communication with the outside world. 

With a focus on the delivery of bespoke connectivity and network infrastructures, Ensign have integrated networks in a range of business environments and is a trusted partner to Government, Military, private and public sectors.

Ensign Business Connectivity Solutions include:

Business WAN Solutions from Ensign Communications

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Your business is growing – great! However, as the secure sharing of data to an ever-increasing number of remote points becomes business as usual, complex networks requirement robust WANs.

What exactly is a WAN? For businesses with two or more offices located within a fairly short distance of one another (approximately 30 miles), an IP (Internet Protocol) base network can be used to send data between sites. Setting up a peer-to-peer WAN for business communications ensures that you remain in control of performance as the leased lines used are not shared and provide faster connections than off-the-shelf broadband. 

Ensign can provide you and your business with robust WAN connectivity, as well as bespoke 24x7 managed support, ensuring a consistent and productive approach to connectivity.


Managed Business WAN Services from Ensign Communications

Managed WANs

It is likely that, once operational, your WAN will be mission-critical, and will therefore need to offer you and your staff reliable connectivity and network access. Ensign’s managed WAN services have been designed to offer businesses the IT infrastructure support that they need to remain productive. 

Ranging from basic network monitoring to full proactive WAN management and 24x7 support, you will not only benefit from a dedicated account manager but the active support of our vastly experienced team of connectivity experts. 

With an Ensign outsources WAN management, network monitoring and support package we will proactively monitor the health and performance of your WAN whilst detecting and solving any potential issues before they impact upon your business. 


Leased Line Services (Business Broadband)

For better voice, data, video, VPN or site-to-site business connectivity, out-of-the-box broadband will not provide the bandwidth, reliability or flexibility required to keep sustain the highest levels of productivity. With your own bespoke and dedicated leased line from Ensign, you will be able to control and monitor bandwidth, whilst scaling bandwidth when required. Our technical support team are on-hand 24x7 to ensure that any issues are mitigated before they impact upon your business.

More on Leased Lines:

Ethernet Leased Line Services from Ensign Communications

Ethernet Leased Lines

Put simply, an Ethernet leased line is a dedicated, uncontended (not shared) connection between your business premises and the Internet. The core difference between a standard Internet connection and that of a dedicated leased line is a focus on consistent throughput as opposed to maximum speeds. For businesses a contended (shared) connection can cause significant operational issues as bandwidth is shared, meaning that staff and guest may not benefit from a reliable connection – accumulative minutes spent waiting for slow connection can add-up to loses in revenue.  

All Ensign’s Ethernet leased lines are back by our bespoke onsite and remote support SLAs.


Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) services

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

Enabling smaller, budget conscious businesses to obtain high-capacity connections without the cost of a full-fibre leased line, Ensign’s Ethernet in the First Mile provides speeds of up to 20Mbps with no contention. 

Faster than traditional broadband, SDSL and low-end Ethernet connections, Ethernet in the First Mile offers small businesses mission-critical connectivity for VoIP and cloud-based applications, storage and services.

As with our Lead Line services, Ensign EFM is backed by 24x7 support and bespoke onsite and remote SLAs.


Point to Point Business Connectivity

Point-to-Point Business Connectivity

Ensign specialises in two types of point-to-point (p2p) connectivity – point-to-point Ethernet and WiFi or wireless point-to-point.

Point-to-Point Ethernet – for businesses operating several premises within a relatively small locality (usually within 30 miles), a P2P Ethernet connection offers secure direct high-bandwidth fibre connectivity to your satellite offices of datacentres.

Point-to-Point WiFi – where Ethernet Leased Lines are impractical, impossible or simply too expensive, our extensive range of point-to-point WiFi bridges offer the possibility of gigabit wireless point-to-point connections to and from your key business locations.


Fibre to the Cabinet Services

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Accelerate your business communication with Ensign Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). Often referred to as ‘Superfast Broadband’ or ‘Fibre Broadband’, FTTC gives businesses the opportunity to increase their connection speeds significantly, with a potential to achieve up to 80Mbps. 

What is Fibre to the Cabinet? Put simply, FTTC is a cost-effective way of increasing the speed of your business broadband without installing fibre to your premises (FTTP). In a FTTC scenario a fibre line runs from a BT exchange to your nearest street cabinet; from here a traditional copper cable is used to create a link from the cabinet to your building.

Upgrading your business broadband in this way will increase the download speeds of important documents, enable interruption-free video and voice conferencing, facilitate remote working and much more. To talk to one of our technical team about Fibre to the Cabinet for your business, please get in touch. 


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