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reach your business goals with the help of our experts 

Technology evolves quickly, and sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to help you see the pathway you need to take to overcome your day-to-day business challenges.

We will work closely with your business to understand your goals and objectives so we can offer you the right solutions that will get you there.

At Ensign, we have been working closely with our clients for many years, helping them to navigate their way through the fast-paced nature of technology, and allowing them to focus on their own areas of expertise – running their daily business.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise built up across many industries, we can work closely with your business to help drive the changes needed to move your business forward.  

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Business Consulting
Business Consultancy


Your business is constantly changing and the data intelligence you need to make informed management decisions has become mission critical. It’s often imperative for continuity and progression to collate and manipulate this data, giving you the visibility and knowledge you need to make valuable changes.

Without the right technical specialists onboard, the challenge you face is understanding what data you need, how to obtain that data, and how to make the improvements necessary; our three-step process will support you in collecting and understanding your data.

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Network Health Check

Wireless Network Health Check

Our network health check identifies problems with wireless coverage, such as interference or badly placed access points. Ensign can complete a health check to confirm you have the desired coverage based on the original building footprint.

Challenges you may be facing include service dropping in areas of your building, or at certain times, and this can be caused by frequency interference, or configuration issues.

Ensign will produce a report outlining recommendations based on our findings, helping you to provide the quality of service your business demands.

Network Diagnostics

Special Fault Investigation

Special Fault Investigation (SFI) involves an Ensign engineer looking deeper into your network to pinpoint a specific problematic issue. An SFI would be required post your wireless network health check, and if issues persist.

Challenges you may be facing include devices disconnecting, devices freezing or IP phone calls dropping. Ensign have specialists who will investigate further to find the issue and create the resolution you need.

Our investigation will detail the nature of the issue, how it was resolved and how to prevent it happening in future, which no doubt affects your productivity and business continuity. You can be certain we will resolve your issue no matter how complex it may be.

Wireless Surveys


At the onset of your project a wireless survey is essential for the successful planning and design of your wireless network.

Ensign offer two types of wireless surveys. Our recommendation and most comprehensive survey is the 'Onsite Survey' performed at your premises, providing an extremely thorough and detailed report of your exact requirement. Additionally, we can perform a 'Predictive Desktop Survey', this is a common choice for those sites where it is either not practical or not possible to attend the site, often due to the secure or hazardous nature of the site.

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Investing heavily in new distribution, logistics and staffing initiatives, Sainsbury's approached Ensign to provide wireless LAN infrastructures to hundreds of Sainsbury’s stores across the British Isles.

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In order to meet increasing product demand, JLR’s UK parts distribution operation was moved to Liverpool, with plans to operate out of a new 400,000 sq ft site on the Phoenix Industrial Estate at Ellesmere Port.

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