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COVID-19 Business Continuity

We understand your business requires a secure, reliable, always available service from Ensign. With your business in mind we have adapted ours to ensure that we can meet your needs and expectations no matter the challenges we are collectively facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over recent months Ensign have invested in Remote Access Points, which have been pre-configured and distributed to our employees allowing them to have simple and secure plug-and-play access to the Ensign corporate network. This means our employees have available to them all the tools they would have in an office environment, allowing them to continue to provide the levels of service your business needs from us.

We have also deployed Microsoft Teams across the business, as our communications platform of choice. During this current period of isolation MST enables essential visual contact across our departments, ensuring efficiency in decision making and quick resolution to any challenges. This has had considerable positive impact in providing continuity of our processes and procedures.

These investments alone have enabled Ensign to provide complete continuation of ‘business as usual’ service to our clients, giving us a robust and secure platform which would mean that should mother nature present us with similar challenges in the future, then Ensign will be in a position to immediately mobilise our workforce from home, continuing to provide you with the service levels you require.

Ensign is committed to providing exceptional service to your business. If you wish to discuss how we can help your business to develop a business continuity plan, or should you have any questions then please reach out to your account manager or a member of the Ensign team.

Stay Safe!