Cyber Security Awareness For Your Business – Freebies

Cyber Security Awareness For Your Business – Freebies

Here at Ensign, we’re raising awareness around Cyber Security, to educate and help business and employees to stay safe online.

Since the dawn of GDPR business owners are more aware than ever about their data security, it has become imperative to educate your staff around proper digital security practices.

There are numerous ways your business can experience a security breach online, here’s just a few:

  • Phishing and Infected E-mails – All it takes is one member of staff to open a suspicious e-mail or fall for a phishing scam and your entire network’s data could be stolen.
  • Online Viruses and Malware – Downloading files without adequate security software can effectively leave the door open for malicious programs to get on your network. Website Hacking and DDoS Attacks – Using weak passwords and not updating your security software can lead to people and programs infiltrating your online systems.
  • BYOD and Open Networks – Bringing Your Own Device to work can leave the network vulnerable if it’s not secure. It’s also risky taking your device out of work and being discoverable on public networks.
  • Poor Cyber Security Processes – Do your staff have a process for what to do when an online security breach occurs? Are they trained in what to watch out for? Do they know when to change their passwords?

Implementing cyber security policies can be difficult if your staff are set in their ways, and the very idea of updating your network to add new security features can be highly daunting.

Luckily the specialist tech people at Ensign can help with that. Not only can you have a chat with us around your business’s digital security systems, we’ve also collated a comprehensive list of digital security resources to help you get to grips with new policies for your business.

And below there’s a free printable poster for you to put up around your office, with a few great tips to share with your staff around staying safe online.

Cyber Security Resources for Your Business

IT Governance’s GDPR Webinar Series

Ask you managers or even more ideally all of your company to spend some time watching these highly useful webinars. It’s a free source of valuable knowledge about data protection, essential if your working with customer data.

Springboard’s 12 Must-Watch Cyber Security TED Talks

Everyone loves a TED talk. Far more engaging than reading a ridiculously long document, and suited to those who prefer video learning. Essential insights for business owners about how cyber security should be on high on their radar.

Udemy’s Affordable Digital Security Courses

Key players in your business should by all certainty be continuously learning about tech security in a business environment. Avoid expensive and biased courses provided by companies and try a course on Udemy, you can probably find one more tailored to your needs.

Centre for Internet Security’s Risk Assessment Method Webinar

Learn more about how to create a risk assessment surrounding your business’s cyber security policies.

The Guardian’s Security News Page

Learn from other business’s mistakes and stay up to date with important news you should be aware of.

Google’s Online Security Blog 

Be the first to hear about how google, and more importantly, Chrome (the most commonly used browser) is thinking about online security. Chances are, if you don’t comply with their security updates, your website may be penalized for having low quality security, and Google may even direct users away from your website due to deeming them unsafe. It already does this if it detects malware on your site.

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