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Data Cabling Services

Nationwide data cabling, structured cabling, fibre & copper network cabling installation, integration & repair. 

Ensign’s structured cabling solutions cover all aspects of structured cable design, installation, management and integration into existing business systems. With over 20 years of experience our professional cable installers have worked on everything from single-site office spaces to challenging outdoor installations and are trained and accredited to the highest standards. 

We are mindful that every business has a very specific set of cabling needs, requirements and budgetary limitations, and it is our job to ensure that you find the most cost-effective and value-for-money solution. Our skilled cable installers and network architects are always on-hand to help you to find the right structured cabling solution for both the immediate performance of your network and for any future changes or unforeseen faults.

Why choose Ensign Data Cabling Services?

  • Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat 7 and more 
  • Copper, Fibre & Containment 
  • Any industry, any environment 
  • UK-Wide service 
  • 24/7 availability of engineers for the minimum disruption

*Nationwide Single and Multi-Mode Structured Cabling Specialists*

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Copper or Fibre Optic Cabling - which is best for you?

The two main types of data network cabling are copper and fibre optic. There are advantages and disadvantages to both...

Copper Cabling

Copper Data Cabling

Copper Data Cabling (LAN Cabling or Ethernet Cabling) uses twisted-pair copper wires to facilitate the transfer of data from one connected device to another. As networking has evolved, many new ‘standards’ of copper data cabling have emerged (Cat6, 6a & 7). Cat 5e is the most common, however Ensign can provide any standard of cable that you may require. Ideal for voice and data, copper data cabling offers a cost-effective alternative to more expensive fibre optic network infrastructures.


Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre Optic Data Cabling

Using glass fibres to transmit data at the speed-of-light, fibre optic installations are suitable to projects where fast, high bandwidth, data transfer is required over large distances.

Aside from the potential speed and capacity of fibre optic cabling, other notable advantages over copper include a resistance to magnetic or electric interference and corrosion, a more compact form-factor and a lower loss in signal transmission.


Fibre Optic Cable Installation

We’ve been installing cabling for 30 years; it is the foundation of our business and continues to be an important part of what we do. With offices in both the North and the South of the country, we offer truly nationwide service; there is not an area of the UK we won’t cover.

Professional Fibre-Optic Cable Installation Services

Ensign offers both single mode (OS2) and multi-mode (OM3, OM4) fibre installations to businesses of all sizes and requirements. Our highly experienced installers have worked on everything from single office spaces to challenging outdoor installations.

Competitively priced, our fibre installs will not 'break-the-bank' and are always completed to the highest standards with the minimum of disruption to your business. As should be expected, on completion, our installation engineers carry-out full compliance testing of fibre to ensure your cable network meets industry standards and regulations.

  • Multimode Fibre Optic ­ Ideal medium-sized networking environments
  • Singlemode Fibre Optic ­ Suitable for larger, long-distance, networking 

Blown Fibre Installation Services

What is 'Blown Fibre'?

Used predominately over large distances, blown fibre describes the process of using compressed air to send fibre cabling through tubes to its destination. Drastically lower costs and eliminating unnecessary wastage, ‘blowing’ fibre is ensures the most practical deployment of wired network designs.


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