Endpoint Security

Network Access Control
Endpoint Security

protection against automated, targeted and sophisticated cyber attacks


The threat landscape has evolved from simple malware distribution to a range of varying automated, targeted, and
sophisticated attacks that can bypass traditional endpoint protection solutions. This shift in intelligence has forced
businesses to deploy multiple security product sets, often from a number of vendors, in order to protect their data,
people and their assets. Our powerful endpoint protection solution provides you with a single solution to safeguard
your business, preventing attacks including malware, exploits and ransomware before they compromise your 
endpoints, including endpoint protection if you are online or offline.



Network Access Control
Advanced Endpoint

Advanced endpoint protection prevents cyber breaches by pre-emptively blocking known and unknown malware, exploits and zero-day threats. Protects and enables users to conduct their daily activities and use web-based technologies without concerns for known or unknown cyber-threats.

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Network Access Control

Traditional endpoint protection cannot keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, leaving your business vulnerable to advanced attacks. TRAPS is a solution giving you absolute confidence in the security of your endpoint devices, a solution designed to prevent advanced attacks before any malicious activity can successfully run. Ensign are proud to partner with Palo Alto, who’s TRAPS solution leads the way in Advanced Endpoint Protection.

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