Ensign Accredited as HPE Aruba Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Ensign Accredited as HPE Aruba Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Ensign is proud to announce that from November 2020 we are a certified Aruba MSP (Managed Services Provider). Ensign and its clients can now benefit from cloud-based networking solutions with flexible OPEX and pay-per-use investment models, meaning greater flexibility for all.

As an established leader in managed networks solutions, we can provide our clients with access to the latest, fully managed cloud-based networking solutions from Aruba with flexible ways to invest including a variety of OPEX and pay-per-use models. With over 35 years of expertise and experience, Ensign is a leader in the design, deployment, security, and management of enterprise network solutions. Our fully-managed, client-centric approach brings digital transformation to organisations – without the burden of high capital investment.

2020 has seen working habits change radically – in the UK and around the world. With the unprecedented rise in remote working, flexible, work-anywhere capability is no longer just a nice-to-have – it has become essential. Meanwhile, the ongoing pandemic continues to have a significant impact on investment budgets. The effect on the way organisations upgrade, manage and invest in their IT infrastructures has been dramatic.

The traditional upgrade model – involving large capital outlays to replace legacy equipment – is becoming less relevant. Network-as-a-service (NaaS) and Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) models are fast becoming the new standard. Together, Ensign and Aruba can deliver state-of-the-art enterprise network solutions on a flexible pay-per-use basis. Harnessing agile cloud-based technology, Ensign’s approach brings simplicity to IT network management at a time of huge challenges. From empowering home workers to enhancing network security, Ensign’s solutions focus on creating robust, flexible, fit-for-purpose network transformation that delivers real productivity gains for its clients.

If your business wants to migrate from the constraints of the traditional CAPEX IT model to a more flexible OPEX approach, Aruba and Ensign can make it happen. By focussing on the specific needs of your business, Ensign will leverage Aruba’s innovative technology to transform your IT network, giving you market-leading connectivity, resilience and ease of management – without expensive capital outlays.

Simon Payne – Ensign CEO

As an Aruba MSP, Ensign, with proven expertise in enterprise network solutions, is well-placed to satisfy this new demand. The partnership with Aruba provides access to a curated suite of solutions specifically designed to help organisations migrate to a more agile, cost-effective cloud-based IT model. Ensign’s knowledge and experience working across different sectors – including retail, hospitality, transport and logistics, means we know how to tailor and deploy these solutions in the most effective way.

What are the advantages of moving to a cloud Network as a Service model?

Clearly, users can benefit from a faster, more reliable experience wherever they are, boosting their productivity; and IT administrators gain easy ‘single dashboard’ control over their entire network with solutions such as Aruba ClearPass. Protection against security breaches or cyber-attack is also enhanced – even as the network is extended far beyond the boundaries of the corporate campus to accommodate the remote worker.

The complete management of your network infrastructure is complex, time-consuming and can be extremely costly. Offloading the challenges to an expert removes pressures you don’t need and ensures that all business-critical network activities are taken care of.”

Romi Zaman – Operations Director, Ensign

From a cost viewpoint, procurement managers can deliver cutting edge IT and cyber security solutions using creative and flexible payment models, avoiding the need for expensive one-off capital outlays. In these cash-strapped times, the potential to release cash from legacy equipment and migrate to a more flexible, pay-per-use network will be very attractive. Moreover, Ensign offers the advantage of a fully managed service, taking the pressure off your IT Team, while focussing on business continuity.

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