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Did you know that slow IT systems cost the UK £11billion a year in lost productivity?

If you think a slow performing network doesn't affect your business, you're wrong. 7 in 10 UK companies experience user complaints about poor network performance (Aruba. An HPE company).

Minimise your business downtime with a complimentary trial of Aruba's User Experience Insight (UXI) sensor.

The UXI sensor helps diagnose, detect, and troubleshoot anomalies across your network, allowing you to improve its performance, keeping your users happy with the peace of mind that your network is running at an optimal level.

Request your complimentary Network Health Check and we will send you a plug and play Aruba UXI sensor so you can gain insights and test your connectivity.

After your test, a member of our technical team will discuss with you the insights gained, allowing you to:

  • Understand where the weak spots are in your network
  • Improve security and uptime of your business wired and wireless network
  • Gain insight into user-perspective performance metrics
  • Highlight unknown anomalies that are slowing you down

All you need to do is plug the device into your local network and let the UXI sensor work its magic.

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How does it work

How does it work?

  1. Ensign will ship a complimentary UXI directly to your office.
  2. Plug your sensor into an ethernet port in the area you wish to health-check (it really is that simple)!
  3. The sensor will monitor your network 24/7 for four weeks. Imagine having a network engineer constantly measuring network performance!
  4. After four weeks, we will give you a call to show you the report from the health check with recommendations for any remedial works, should you wish to make improvements.

There is absolutely no obligation!

About the Aruba UXI

About the Aruba UXI

The Aruba UXI sensor works with any mixed vendor infrastructure and won't disrupt your existing network. It's made up of sensors and a simple, cloud-based dashboard used to assess networks and apps.

Each sensor connects to your network and interacts with apps to report on the user experience performance. It's hassle-free, troubleshooting throughout the day to provide constant experience visibility. 

The built-in trouble-shooter also isolates issues and provides insights so you can focus on the most critical issues at any given time.

Just set up your test selection and you're ready to go! All data is viewable for 30 days and is stored securely in the cloud.

Is it really free?

Is it really free?

Absolutely! We will send you an Aruba UXI sensor completely free of charge for four weeks. Our technical team will be in touch prior to sending your trial sensor to ensure it's the right solution for your business.