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Guest WiFi Access

Guest WiFi & social WiFi solutions which generate a return on your wireless investment.

Ensign can deliver a secure guest WiFi network within your business or organisation that is completely separate from your main wireless LAN. For many businesses, allowing guests and other ‘unknown’ individuals onto their network is a security nightmare but with Ensign, guest WiFi enables a range of access levels to be granted without compromising sensitive data.

If you are currently providing your guests with access to your WiFi network you will undoubtedly want to turn this to your advantage.

Monetising public wireless networks with our secure managed solutions is the perfect way for all businesses and organisations to simultaneously improve their customer service whilst improving every aspect of what they do with unprecedented consumer insight, feedback and analytics.

Our bespoke guest WiFi access, guest WiFi hotspots and social WiFi solutions are suited to all types of deployment, including hotels and holiday parks, schools, retailers of all sizes, bars, pubs and restaurants, stadiums and even hospitals and temporary WiFi networks such as tradeshows and expositions. 

Ensign specialise in delivering bespoke Guest WiFi Solutions for your:


Ask us about our Guest WiFi as a Service Solution - Premium Guest Wireless Access for as a little as £19 p/m.

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Guest Internet Solutions from Ensign Communications

Control Guest Network Access

Ensign Communications specialise in providing businesses of all sizes and requirements with secure, legally compliant and fully-manageable guest WiFi solutions. 

When offering Internet access to their guests, businesses must address some important considerations to ensure the best outcome for them and for a winning customer experience. 

With Ensign Communications’ guest WiFi, hoteliers, retailers, restauranteurs and other enterprises can fully control guest user access. With our solutions you can choose to offer free or paid network access – with paid access facilitated through our fully-customisable payment gateways and branded splash pages. 

Taking guest network control to the granular level, you will be able to enforce policy rules regarding which websites (types or specific) can be accessed and which are blocked. In addition, you will be able to control, or ‘throttle’, bandwidth to a limitless variety of user groups in order to eliminate unfair usage.

Secure Guest WiFi

Secure Guest WiFi Networks

Many smaller businesses have made themselves vulnerable to cybercrime by offering public or guest WiFi access via their existing, previously private, network. 

Ensign Communications’ guest access solutions guarantee security for both your business and your guests with the use of multiple SSIDs and VLAN features which keep your users and bespoke traffic classes separate wherever necessary. 

Multiple network names (known as SSIDs) can help you to provide all of your guests and users with exactly the right degree of network access, whilst keeping your private network invisible to anyone who does not need to see it. 

Get the Friendly WiFi sticker at your premises to let your guest know you have taken the necessary security precautions.


Guest WiFi Revenue ExtractionRevenue Generating Guest WiFi

For businesses offering complimentary guest WiFi access the investment can be significant and can be seemingly void of any tangible returns. With our revenue generating gateway solutions and in-depth WiFi Analytics and location based services, Ensign guest WiFi can bring more to your business than wireless technology. In the information age, knowing your customers is the advantage that many businesses are seeking to gain.

This is particularly pertinent for the retail sector, where traditional brick-and-mortar stores are in a battle with online competitors.

With guest WiFi and analytics these businesses are able to leverage web-like data, such as age, gender and loyalty metrics, to create highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns and promotional material for maximum return-on-investment.

Unprecedented insight into your customers & guests

With guest WiFi analytics businesses are not only able to provide their customers and guest with a great WiFi service but can use the data available to gain an increasingly sophisticated understanding of exactly WHO their clients are and WHAT they really want. Ensign’s guest WiFi allows you to report on the age and gender of your users, their location on your premises, including areas of interest and high ‘dwell time’, and even their device type. Fully customisable, these reports can be triggered on the hour, daily, weekly or collated across a month.

Social WiFi is beneficial for you & your guests

Who doesn’t have a social media account of some kind these days? According to some reports, modern Internet users have an average of FIVE social media accounts, so the opportunity to use these to facilitate rapid and effective log-in to your guest WiFi is clear. Not only does this eliminate undesirable forms but it helps businesses to drive relevant traffic to all-important company pages. Increasing your brands’ online presence and social media engagement through social WiFi is a great way to make guest WiFi work for you!

Utilise our guest WiFi solutions to improve your marketing

If you operate within any customer facing enterprise environment, such as independent retailing, shopping centres, airports, restaurants and hotels, WiFi marketing, through intelligent guest access and analytics, can significantly improve your approach to sales. Many businesses have been forced to adopt a ‘free WiFi’ offering as customer expectation demands it; making a return on this investment highly desirable. Use social WiFi to push customer-centric offers, promotions and coupons, reward loyalty and build a bigger, clearer, picture of your clientele.  

Understand the movements of customers with presence analytics

With real time presence analytics and location-based services, business need no longer guess as to the purchasing intent of their customers. Locate your customers as they traverse your store or venue and deploy highly targeted marketing offers – such as product specific promotions – when they will be most effective. Tracking the MAC address of your guests and customers can help to highlight areas of high interest and can open up a world of useful data such as footfall trends, customer habits (new Vs returning) and much more.

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