Is your network ready for lockdown?

Did you know that poor network connectivity can cost you a whole day of productivity, per employee, per month?

With a second lockdown in full effect in the UK, working from home is common. One of the many challenges that remote working presents is keeping your team connected and productive.

See the negative impact of poor networks on your business in our infographic - fill out the form below.


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The key to a productive lockdown

With more and more employees working from home, or any temporary site, you need a resilient and reliable business network. Our remote working solution makes accessing your corporate network easy.

Our Aruba remote access points help you:

  • Minimise network downtime
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce security risks
  • Increase overall visibility of your network
Aruba Central RAP
Aruba RAP

Benefits include:

Simple for employees to get online - Genuine Plug & Play

Quick to set up - equipment is pre-configured, no technical set-up

Ensure critical business continuity - keep everyone connected

Cost-effective - securely extend your network at a lower cost

Maximise employee productivity - minimise downtime!

Reduce IT support - no need for troubleshooting equipment!

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Home Worker Management Platform

Many businesses have neither the resources nor the time to properly manage their home worker solutions. Ensign provides a simple and safe solution in the form of Aruba's Central network management platform.

How does it work?

Ensign ship your remote access points directly to your home workers - no social distancing complications! Each device is automatically configured so your employees can just plug into any IP connection and they’re up and running immediately. No fuss, no connection issues, no IT support required.