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Boost reviews & TripAdvisor ratings with revenue generating Hotel WiFi & Guest WiFi.

"Free WiFi is now a pre-requisite for hotel guests", says Purple WiFi’s CEO Gavin Wheeldon

This evolution is being felt across the hospitality sector as guest WiFi provision shifts from an occasional luxury to a basic amenity. No longer satisfied with sub-par hotel wifi hotspot solutions, hotel guests expect WiFi performance that matches that of their domestic or workplace networks, and what is more, they want it for free.

Ensign have a range of wireless infrastructure solutions designed specifically for the hotel sector, including access points, secure guest access and WiFi Analytics to ensure that you and your guests get the most out of your hotel WiFi investment.

Enhancing Guest Experiences with WiFi - Read our interview with The Four Seasons Hotel, Dubai.

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21st Century Hotel WiFi

Free hotel WiFi, or at the very least, a paid-access set-up, has become an expected and valued amenity for travellers looking to make a reservation. A recent study by found that not only is free WiFi the make or break factor when making a booking but that free hotel Internet provision tops the pile as the most sought after amenity, having gained even more importance than an inclusive breakfast.

Many organisations within the hospitality sector are finding that poor performing or non-existent guest WiFi is having a negative impact on their business, creating bad customer relationships and ultimately a decline in both sales and bookings. A significant growth in mobile device ownership in recent years has put a great deal of strain and expectation upon hospitality WiFi networks. Those that were once capable, high performance, wireless networks may now lack the capacity to cope with high densities of mobile users demanding simultaneous access.

Ensign hotel and hospitality WiFi is built with performance delivery in mind. Our enterprise-grade networks - from Aruba HPE, Ruckus Wireless, Cisco and Cisco Meraki - provide unbeatable network coverage, capacity and resilience, ensuring that guest WiFi performs as expected all of the time.

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The Pines Hotel WiFi in Swanage

“Since installing the new WiFi network, many of our hotel guests have commented on both its speed and ease-of-use. Through this investment we have been able to engage with new and returning customers on a more personal level which helps us to give them the best experience each time they stay with us.” 

Tamara Curioni, Deputy Manager @ The Pines Hotel



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Features of Ensign Hotel WiFi include:

Hotel WiFi Marketing with Ensign Hotel WiFi

Targeted Marketing

Engaging with your customers has always been the most effective way of marketing your business. Nurturing solid relationships keeps guest coming back time and time again…and if they happen to tell their friends about you; even better! Not only this, making your hotel WiFi work for you in the most sure-fire way to achieve a return on your investment.  

With Ensign’s Hotel WiFi, increasing customer loyalty is made easier and more effective than ever before. Through customised captive web-portals, splash pages and social media login, hotel businesses are able to target their marketing efforts with more precision, whilst growing their online profiles through recommendations and customer referrals.

  • Push targeted offers and promotions to your guests
  • Increase customer referrals and online recommendations 
  • Customised branded splash and WiFi login pages
  • Social media login eliminates traditional login pages for maximum efficiency
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Collect accurate and up-to-date customer data
  • Engage with your guests in new and exciting ways
  • Build customer loyalty and brand awareness

Wireless Mobility for Hotel Staff

There are a great many jobs and responsibilities which can be made more efficient by robust hotel WiFi with the correct amount of site coverage and network capacity. Handing hotel staff the ability and flexibility to roam, dealing with customer requests on-the-move, can create an even better guest experience.

Secure and PCI-compliant, Ensign hotel WiFi allows staff to conduct or amend bookings, oversee guest check-in, take payments with mobile point-of-sale and even update real time housekeeping and site-maintenance logs with unprecedented efficiency.   

Leveraging Hotel WiFi Analytics

With our WiFi analytics, hotels of all sizes can gather detailed information about their guests online habits, which can be used to customise offers and promotions, whilst rewarding returning customers.

Our partnerships with the industry’s leading WiFi (WLAN) and network security manufacturers enables us to offer a business-grade, professional standard of WiFi which has been proven many times over to excel in dense, high-capacity hospitality environments.

Our hotel and hospitality WiFi solutions are designed to be configured and installed with the minimum of disruption to your business. With a broad range of management and support options also available, Ensign ensure the longevity and continued performance of your WiFi solution.

Hotel WiFi Security & Privacy

When serving a high volume of users, each with their own specific set of access rights and requirements, security becomes a high priority. Ensign can provide Firewall and BYOD Solution options, allowing your business to take a strategic, customised approach to network security.

With improved hotel WiFi monitoring and network management of guest access comes the peace-of-mind that unauthorised devices and users are not traversing your hotel network and that its performance has not been compromised.

Purple WiFi for Restaurants and BarsPurple WiFi

As an authorised partner and reseller of Purple, Ensign are able to integrate their leading guest WiFi and WiFi analytics solutions with any new or existing wireless network.

The Purple Analytics Engine can enhance the marketing activity of all kinds of businesses, from hotels and hospitality, to retail, pubs, restaurants and busy event or expo environments. Acting upon real-time data, push vouchers and promotions to customers based on a broad range of segmentation data, such as new Vs returning visitors, thier location or dwell time in a particular location, user age or gender or even previous purchases.

This is a great way to reward customer loyalty as Purple will identify those patrons who have logged-on previously. 

Why choose Ensign to install, upgrade or expand your hotel WiFi?

Ensign have a great track record in installing fast, reliable and secure wired and wireless networks into hotels and hospitality environments.

We pride ourselves on the ability to overcome the many complex issues associated with hotel WiFi network design, such as the often large number of users, security concerns and dealing with old buildings that may not be ideally suited to the installation of wired networks or require their original aesthetics to be maintained.


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