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Mission Critical Wireless

Is Mission Critical Wireless 'Mission Impossible'?

25th Apr 2017

An increasing number of businesses place massive importance on their wireless networks and how critical they are to the day to day success of their operations – ‘Mission Critical’ is the most common expression of this.  Fair enough but how do you actually define ‘Mission Critical’ and, probably even more difficult, calculate what the consequence of failure in the network is?

SMS Phising CyberCrime

Smishing (SMS Phising) - Cyber Crime Alert

10th Apr 2017

Hopefully, by now, most of us will be aware of and – with any luck – wise to ‘phishing’ email messages, web-links or suspicious phone calls. Whether having learned the hard way, or through the misfortune of others, we know not to click links in suspicious emails and to treat correspondence from banks, government departments or competition ‘wins’ with upmost scepticism.

WiFi Analytics - Friend or Foe

WiFi Analytics - Friend or Foe?

27th Mar 2017

The answer to that question should, I think, always be ‘Friend’ but as with so many technologies today, navigating the maze of product offerings and filtering the enormous volumes of data available to get the solution you need as a business is a far from straightforward task.

Promoting Bad Guest Hotel WiFi

Promoting Bad Guest WiFi Must Stop

23rd Mar 2017

They say ‘any publicity is good publicity’, but when it comes to guest Internet access, I would tend to disagree.

What might be the financial cost to your business if you are offering WiFi (free or Paid) which is not up to scratch (or speed, as the case may be).

Why Cybercrime Matters

CyberCrime - Why Does it Really Matter to You?

20th Mar 2017

‘Cybercrime’ and ‘online threats’ seem to be the buzz words of the day, but what does it really mean for you, your business and your customers?

Wireless Communications Who Needs It

Wireless Communication - Who Needs it Anyway?

17th Mar 2017

‘Tis the early spring holiday season and I’ve been on my travels.  As with my colleague, Jim Lucking, who posted MISSING LINK: a blog on holiday hotel WiFi recently, we get intrigued when we see ‘interesting’ installations which we can’t help feeling would benefit from a bit of wireless technology!

Super Bowl 51 - WiFi Record Breaker

Super Bowl 51: Were All WiFi Records Broken?

15th Mar 2017

Super Bowl 51 seems a considerable time ago – I have moved house and even watched all three episodes of O.J. Simpson – Made in American since then – but, as promised in part one of this blog, let’s embark on a rundown of the stadium WiFi and big game headlines.

Business Cybersecurity Detail

Business Cyber Security - Attention to Detail

15th Mar 2017

You’ve got a firewall.  You’re protected, right?

OK, so you’ve got a firewall.  Does this mean that your network is protected from the bad guys?

Mobile Data Displacing WiFi

Will Mobile Data Completely Displace WiFi?

14th Mar 2017

Sensationalism is without doubt the currency of mainstream and online news outlets, and a recent headline which read ‘A World Without WiFi Looks Possible as Unlimited Plans Rise’ struck me as a fine example.

Poor Planning Poor WiFi

Why WiFi Planning Prevents Poor Performance

1st Mar 2017

Planning for WiFi is the MOST essential part of any wireless project -  as the old British Military adage goes: Prior Planning Prevents P@#s Poor Performance.  'Tongue-in-cheek' the use of language may well be, but the sentiment is far from glib; those who fail to plan prior to any major project or event set themselves up for mild annoyance at the very least and total disaster in the very worst cases.

Hotel WiFi Wild West

Staying Safe in the Wild West of Hotel WiFi

28th Feb 2017

Whilst I was lying on my sunbed last week enjoying some foreign February weather (it was lovely, thanks for asking) I couldn’t help but to notice the  many different people, of varying  ages, with different kinds of electronic devices and I started thinking about WiFi privacy (or lack of) on public WiFi.

Retail WiFi Analytics

WiFi Analytics in Retail: Bluetooth Location Tracking

23rd Feb 2017

WiFi has been around in its most basic form since the early 90s and has progressed quickly from a relatively short range, low throughput technology into today’s high throughput, with much improved range solutions and development continues at pace.