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Super Bowl 51 WiFi

Super Bowl 51: Another Record-Breaking Year for WiFi?

30th Jan 2017

It’s that time of year again! You know the one…when you get really excited about a major sporting event that the majority of people in your life couldn’t care less about?

Network Access Control Requirements

Network Access Control - Friend or Foe?

7th Sep 2016

In discussing network security with the team earlier this week, that overused acronym, NAC (Network Access Control) came up a few times and we got down to debating what it actually means…

Hotel WiFi Workation

Is Hotel WiFi up to the Task of the 'Workation'?

11th Aug 2016

It’s that time of year again; the kids are off, the wasps are out and the beer is slightly warmer than usual. All of which are great reasons to get out of the office and to go in search of sunnier climes and questionable exchange rates.

Healthcare RFID Tagging

Reducing Errors with Healthcare Barcode Technology

11th Jul 2016

In a fast-paced, high-pressure, environment subject to ever-changing regulations and increasing public scrutiny, many NHS hospitals are looking to advancing barcode and scanning technologies to relieve pressure and to streamline their operations.

RFID Tracking and Tagging

RFID Tagging and Tracking in Healthcare

4th Jun 2016

Hospitals are characterised by many things; not least a vast amount of essential consumable and often very expensive medical equipment. From infusion and feeding pumps to wheelchairs, crutches and high-tech monitors, ensuring hospital staff have access to the right equipment whenever they require is of optimum importance for overall performance and patient wellbeing.

The Importance of a WiFi Site Survey

The Importance of a Wireless Site Survey

26th May 2016

So, you have decided to implement a wireless network for your business. You have made contact with a wireless specialist and discussed your options, but what comes next? Don't leave it up to the crystal ball...

Ransomware Avoidance

Ransomware: Disaster Prevention and Recovery

6th May 2016

As the war on cybercrime continues, here’s a bit of info for you all on the latest crop of computer virus/malware that are doing the rounds. Be warned: some of these are particularly nasty and could easily cause your business and/or home PC some serious problems.

Guest WiFi No Brainer

Guest WiFi: It's a No-Brainer

30th Mar 2016

Guest WiFi – Of course it’s a good thing! Your WiFi network (and your wired network for that matter) is to be cherished and protected from all those external users out there who might cause trouble – right? Maybe. More likely ‘No’ and almost certainly not ‘Yes’.

Who Needs Network Support

Network Support Services; Who Needs Them Anyway?

23rd Mar 2016

So, your WiFi network is up and running and the user community is growing.  The users love it because it’s easy to use.  They don’t need to find a data outlet or carry Ethernet cables around with them to connect to the network; they just turn on their devices, associate with the wireless and off they go.

CyberSecurity Breaches Inevitable

Cyber-Security Breaches: Not IF but WHEN

10th Feb 2016

Once again, network security breaches and attacks are all over the news.  It’s somewhat alarming to be able to say with some confidence now that it really is no longer a matter of if your network will be attacked but, rather, when it will be attacked.

802.11ah WiFi HaLow

802.11ah - Wi-Fi Alliance Creates "Wi-Fi HaLow"

21st Jan 2016

The WiFi Alliance, the organisation behind the famous Wi-Fi trademark has this week introduced WiFi HaLow as the designation for devices based upon the emerging IEEE 802.11ah standard. WiFi HaLow operates in World-wide frequency bands just below 1 GHz and even with low power should achieve greater range than existing WiFi equipment operating at 2.4 and 5GHz.

SMB Network Security

SMB Network Security - A Chink in Your Armour?

15th Jul 2015

Working as I do in business networking, with a particular focus on security, I am always keeping up with news regarding security intrusions. But, it occurred to me that - given the huge increase in hacking stories over the past year or so, some that even made their way into the mainstream press - the non-tech focused people out there must have taken notice too.