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Internet of Things Fridge

The Internet of Things and Your Not so Humble Fridge

23rd Jun 2015

So the latest buzz phrase has now well and truly entered the technology lexicon…the ‘Internet of Things’ (shortened to IoT) is perhaps the hottest topic in IT right now (let us not forget the rapid growth of the cybersecurity market).

WiFi Blogs

6 Wi-Fi and Technology Blogs You Should Take a Look at

19th Jun 2015

If you come by our blog regularly you’ll know by now that we are big tech-fans… and unashamedly so! We talk a lot about enterprise wireless LAN developments and WiFi more broadly, but we also like to look at the technology world through the lens of the consumer as well…after all, when we aren’t at work that’s exactly what we are.

Foray into Barcode Scanning

A Brief Foray into Barcodes and Barcode Scanning

27th Mar 2015

First things first; Hi, I’m Shaun and I am the resident barcoding and data capture ‘guy’ here at Ensign. This is my first blog entry, but look out for more data capture related musings as I attempt to stay abreast of what is a fast-paced and constantly evolving sector.

WiFi Only Calling

WiFi-Only Calling: Is It Time?

19th Mar 2015

Like me, you may well be metaphorically stumbling through the heavy fog that is a 24-month mobile contract…and all for a slightly bigger rectangle than the one that preceded it. I’ve done it many times before and thought little of the commitment but within a mutating market there just might be a refreshing alternative that could save us all more than just a few quid!

Positive WLAN Network Security

Positive Firewall & Network Security

12th Feb 2015

As we continue to blur the lines between our office and home networks, it is important as network administrators to consider the increasing security risks. Gone are the days when simply-crafted malware attacks acted in a predictable way. The growth of technology has increased the options and skills available to the potential bad guys, with sites on the DarkNet offering a variety of powerful malware and vulnerability attack tools akin to browsing a supermarket aisle.

Arizona Cardinals Stadium WiFi

Super Bowl 2015: Putting Stadium WiFi to the Test

28th Jan 2015

If you’re a fan of the NFL like me, you’ll know that Super Bowl weekend is a BIG deal – such a big deal in fact that it is nothing short of essential to book the following morning off of work (especially when your team are in it! Go Patriots!).

Public WiFi Safety

Staying Safe on Public WiFi

10th Oct 2014

With every town centre and his dog now either already offering or planning to implement a free WiFi service, is Free Public Wi-Fi merely a gimmick or a modern-day necessity?  

Airport and Hotel WiFi Test

Airport & Hotel WiFi Test

5th Sep 2014

I’ve definitely got that Friday feeling; not only is it the weekend but on Sunday I shall be jetting-off to the paradisiacal island of Mauritius. I know, I know – lucky me! But, aside from all the sun, sea and snorkelling, I have been thinking that my trip could make for a useful experiment…

What is a Wireless Mesh Network

What Is A Wireless Mesh Network?

5th Aug 2014

First of all, why write about wireless mesh networking? Well, without blowing our trumpet too vigorously, it’s something we know a great deal about having designed and deployed many outdoor wireless mesh solutions across a variety of outdoor working environments.

Better School WiFi

Three Factors Driving Better School WiFi

12th May 2014

High densities of WiFi users is a core concern for schools, colleges and universities. High client densities, hundreds of concurrent users, seamless roaming and airtight security; these are just a handful of challenges and considerations for schools and other educational establishments to tackle when planning a modern school wireless deployment.

Gartner Enterprise Firewall Quadrant

Gartner Enterprise Firewall Quadrant; The Palo Alto Networks Perspective

9th May 2014

Palo Alto Networks have been positioned as ‘Leaders’ in the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Firewalls. This latest success consolidates their progress within the network security sector, marking three consecutive years at the top.

Dangerous School WiFi

Is School WiFi Really That Dangerous?

14th Feb 2014

Many still consider WiFi signals to pose significant health risks. Debates surrounding the potential risks of WiFi and mobile device radiation (from cell phones and tablets, etc) have been a mainstay within particular public discourses for what seems like an eternity.