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Local Authority WiFi

Secure and cost-effective network infrastructure solutions and services designed specifically for the public sector.

Local government bodies and local authorities have a public responsibility to remain as efficient and as streamlined as possible, and this is of particular prevalence when considering core and edge network infrastructures.

With an increasing demand for access to accurate data in real-time and a duty-of-care to secure data more securely than ever before, local authorities require innovative and cost-effective solutions which align with their budgetary requirements yet offer market-leading performance. 

Combine all of this with the increasing complexity of distributed offices, residential WiFi and budgetary restrictions and it is clear that an avant-garde approach to local government wireless networks is required. 

Internal systems & network infrastructure

Local government offices are no different from their corporate counterparts when it comes to coping with the growing demands on their internal wireless infrastructures. 

Increasingly connected and mobile workers require networks which facilitate such trends and remote working, hot-desking, BYOD and high-bandwidth applications for any number of mission-critical tasks. 

All of this requires robust, scalable and high-secure business-grade WiFi solutions to ensure that employees are empowered to be as productive and flexible as modern network allow. 

Innovative Public WiFi solutions

Many local authorities and other government entities have already implemented a public WiFi solution, and many more a beginning to realise the potential of free-to-the-public wireless networks. 

Driven by demand for better connectivity, offering public which is free at the point of use is no longer a one-sided investment. By leveraging Ensign’s revenue extracting public WiFi solutions Local governments and authorities are able to engage with the public in increasingly engaged and innovative ways whilst leveraging advertising and marketing to monetise and generate a return on their WiFi.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service for Local Government 

Given the budgetary pressures and limitations often felt by public sector bodies, traditional frameworks for IT procurement and network management can be both costly and impractical. In a rapidly evolving IT landscape, the rigidity of older systems can limit scalability of networks whilst making network or hardware refreshes an expensive and difficult proposition. 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a totally different approach to buying hardware and managing mission-critical networks. Under the IaaS model, public sector organisations and local authorities can achieve highly scalable IT environments without the financial burden or the management complexity of modern hardware.

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

Put simply, IaaS is tier of cloud computing services through which network hardware provision and management is handled by an external provider – in this case, Ensign Communications. 

Leveraging the Internet as a public connection, public sector bodies can access vital applications, data and other resources via the cloud. Through physical and virtual hardware management, as well as virtual server management, IaaS enables public sector organisations to operated unshackled under-performing or outdated IT infrastructures whilst having the confidence that their network will deliver consistent, uninterrupted connectivity.


What are the benefits of Public Sector IaaS?

The overarching benefits for any business moving to an Infrastructure as a Service model is the freedom and flexibility which can be achieved by removing the burden of IT and the significant cost savings of an OPEX over CAPEX finance model.  

Just as is the cast in many other industry sectors, public sector organisation are subject to flux, both in their operations and in their locality. By outsourcing IT infrastructure to a cloud service provider, fluctuations in business size or locality is easily handled, completely removing any need to procure, install or integrate and new hardware.

  • Flexibility and Scalability  - Growth or transition phases can be handled with the minimum of disruption with access to existing cloud resources meaning that any unnecessary financial expenditure is avoided and that network resources are never underutilised. 
  • Capital Expenditure (Capex) to Operational Expenditure (Opex) – The hardware layer of your network is integrated and managed by Ensign, meaning that what is often the most significant capital expense is removed, allowing budget to be repurposed within other areas. 
  • Greater Usage Economy – With the on-demand nature of IaaS, public sector and local authority employees have access to the correct resources only when they need them, meaning that IT budget ‘wastage’ is eliminated.
  • Business/IT Flexibility – As BYOD and enterprise mobility trends become increasingly common across all types of businesses, public sectors employees expect the same level off working flexibility and ubiquitous network access. With the IaaS model, resources can be access securely from anywhere provided there is a suitable Internet connection. 
  • Increased Data Security – The pressure on Local Authorities to improve their approach to cyber-security has undoubtedly increased in recent years. With sensitive ‘corporate’ and public data to protect, Ensign’s outsources network security services give the public the peace-of-mind that their duty-of-care is maintained at all times.
  • Network Uptime – Increasing reliance on network infrastructure for all manner of daily tasks, from the critical to the operational, unscheduled network downtime is damaging to both productivity and reputations. With Ensign managing you network remotely, any potential issues will be either mitigated before they have an impact, or in the most extreme cases, our technicians will be able to find-and-fix any faults before any significant loses in productivity.   

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