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Cisco Meraki

Cloud-based WiFi offers businesses and organisations the opportunity to simplify their network architecture, centralise IT admin and to enforce policies directly from the cloud

Cisco Meraki cloud networking can drastically reduce capital expenditure by eliminating the need for costly hardware controllers, as well as offer a flexible approach to hardware licencing. Meraki WiFi enables seamless management via the cloud from anywhere and at any time.

Inclusive of access points, switches, network security appliances and mobile device management solutions, Cisco Meraki’s product portfolio offers unprecedented scalability and rapid, zero-touch installations for time-strapped businesses.


Cloud Controlled Meraki WiFi, Routing & Security

This approach to enterprise wireless is Ideal for networking across distributed offices or campus environments, such as schools, branch offices, hospitals and retail stores. Meraki's zero-touch access point provisioning and user-friendly, powerful and intuitive, browser-based dashboard interface, empowers IT administrators to set-up and monitor their networks without any additional resources, dedicated on-site staff or additional training.

Cisco Meraki enterprise-grade WiFi offers a range of devices to help organisations remedy networking headaches, whilst making significant cost savings. Click the options below to discover Merkai wireless access points, a range of cloud-based security appliances and Ethernet switches, as well as MDM software.

Meraki 802.11ac Performance

802.11ac is the newly developed and much anticipated WiFi standard which is set to replace the current 802.11n. Boasting faster speeds than ever before, 802.11ac operates on the 5GHz band and can provide wireless speeds of up to 1300 Mbps, or 1.3 Gbps.

These super-fast speeds enable improved network performance in high-density client environments, such as schools and hospitals, and allow wireless clients to make use of high bandwidth applications such as HD video streaming and video conferencing.

Meraki’s MR34 is their first foray into 802.11ac and is currently the only cloud managed 802.11ac access point on the market. Boasting a host of features, the MR34 can be easily integrated into existing networks using Meraki’s user-friendly cloud-managed dashboard, through which access points and networks can be configured, managed and monitored.

Meraki Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The Cisco Meraki Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution allows businesses to centrally manage the mobile devices gaining access and being used across their network. From a cloud-based centralised dashboard the Cisco Meraki Systems Manager hands a wealth of useful and timely information to network administrators.

Compatible with iPads, Androids, Macs and PCs, Cisco Meraki MDM facilitates enterprise network policy enforcement, enhancing security, application usage, passcode policies and more.

Indoor Meraki Access Points

  • Meraki MR18
  • Meraki MR32
  • Meraki MR42
  • Meraki MR52
  • Meraki MR53

Outdoor Meraki Access Points

  • Meraki MR62
  • Meraki MR66
  • Meraki MR72
  • Meraki MR84

Meraki Switches

  • Meraki MS220 Series
  • Meraki MS320 Series
  • Meraki MS350 Series
  • Meraki Aggregation Switches

Meraki Security Appliances

  • Meraki MX64 & 64x
  • Meraki MX65 & 65w
  • Meraki MX84
  • Meraki MX100, MX400 & MX600

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