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Network Monitoring

Fully bespoke network monitoring services. Effectively manage your network performance whilst optimising your wired and wireless LAN resources.

As business network infrastructures become increasingly mission-critical ensuring that performance levels are kept constant, and your workforce is kept productive, has been a core concern for many businesses. 

Ensign provides expert 24 x 7 remote management for your LAN, WAN and network servers, monitoring, alerts and fault mitigation to help organisations to maximise network uptime and to avoid losses in productivity, availability or reputation.

What is network monitoring?

A Network Management System or NMS features a range of tools deployed across a LAN or WAN infrastructure to regulate the health and performance of a variety of core components.

Using our industry-leading network monitoring tools, Ensign use a granular view of your wired and wireless network to pre-empt connectivity or performance issues, monitor your user and client behaviour and ensure that bandwidth and network availability are managed effectively.

Benefits of Network Monitoring?

  • Ensure the health of your vital network components, such as Access Points, Switches & Firewalls
  • Be alerted to potential faults before they happen
  • Guaranteed network continuity 
  • Ensure that bandwidth policies are not breached
  • Stay alert to cyberattacks and vulnerabilities 
  • 24x7 monitoring and support from network and IT professionals

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Remote and Onsite network monitoring from Ensign CommunicationsAre network monitoring services for you?

There are many reasons that businesses and organisations use our network monitoring services, but the overall goals are simplification, security and continuity

The expectation for consistent network performance from individuals at all levels of professional organisations has led to growing pressures on small or under-resources IT teams and departments to deliver a premium connectivity experience. This, combined with characteristics of ever-growing multivendor network infrastructures, requires a simplified approach to management. 


Factors increasing the demand for network monitoring services:

Mobility: In a nutshell, mobility is the requirement or ability for a network connected device to seamlessly ‘roam’ between network access points within a given wireless framework whilst maintaining a network connection – or in the best case, experiencing no noticeable loss in performance  whatsoever. 

Network Management and Monitoring Services from Ensign

Mobility issues for business and professional networks have increased due to the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace and trends such as BYOD and guest access. Although these trends can be highly beneficial to all types of businesses, they also put pressure on existing infrastructures and can be tough to manage.  

The Internet of Things: If BYOD and guest access put a strain on existing networks, then the Internet of Things (IoT) will certainly ask questions of under-prepared IT professionals. With the burgeoning number of network connected devices, IoT threatens to overload businesses networks, negatively impacting upon connectivity, application quality and availability, as well as network coverage and capacity making better management essential. 

Bespoke Wireless Network Monitoring

We understand that the needs and requirements for network management can vary from business to business and it’s for this reason that we offer fully customisable network monitoring services to ensure that you get the assistance that you need. To get you started, here is an outline of our service levels:

Base Network Monitoring: The first level of network monitoring and management provides 24 x 7 support for all network controllers, access points, switches, firewalls and other associated network hardware reliant on a secure VPN connection.
Under this level of network monitoring, Ensign will provide notifications of device or interference status, daily performance reports, weekly usage data such as throughout and client count, and configuration/auditing services. 

Enhanced Network Monitoring: Acting as an extension on our base level monitoring, enhanced covers network hardware (controllers, access points, switches, firewalls) as well as providing businesses with custom performance reports, managed mode and reconfiguration control, intrusion detection and prevention, a fully customised portal and helpdesk support.

Remote Server Monitoring 

The network server is one of the single-most important components of any modern enterprise. Outages and downtime can be detrimental to businesses, making continued server up-time and performance of primary concern.

Ensign’s remote server monitoring service provides around the clock alerts to server errors, allowing rapid response and resolution before your business is affected.


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