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User Experience Challenges

Consistently measuring the performance of your network and applications is time consuming. Issues identified must be quickly resolved before your business and users are impacted. Traditional network monitoring solutions lack the ability to provide an end user and IoT perspective. The continuous growth of mobility, IoT and cloud puts pressure on the need to optimise your network performance, and if you don’t understand how your users engage the network then knowing where to start is impossible


User Experience Concerns

•    Issue identification challenges
•    Remediation slow & time consuming
•    Poor user experience affects productivity
•    Disgruntled employees adding pressure
•    Lack of automation leading to human error

User Experience Insight Benefits

•    At a glance status & actionable insights
•    Optimised multi location performance
•    Monitor & manage unmanned locations
•    Automated test & troubleshoot
•    Quickly identify & resolve network issues

User Experience Insight Success Stories

Ford                                                  Marks Spencer                                                   Denby Pottery (2)

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User Experience Insight

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Ensign's User Experience Insight Solution uses sensors that test all aspects of user connectivity to the applications in your data centre and the cloud. Connecting to any wired and wireless network, sensors work in the background meaning no disruption to your operations

Sensors interacts with the apps you select, reporting on performance from the users experience via a simple to use dashboard. It’s like having a network engineer living inside your network 24/7, providing intelligent insight so you can made informed optimisation decisions

User Experience Insight Assets

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