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Network Security Challenges

On every network there are unknown devices which have the potential to compromise the integrity of the entire corporate infrastructure. Whilst most devices are innocent, it’s not uncommon for malicious insider threats, such as malignant devices deliberately connected to create compromise. The modern network is highly distributed, meaning without visibility of data flow and trends, it is difficult to see, and prevent, emerging risks


Network Security Concerns

•    Visibility of inter-connected devices
•    Understand data flow between devices
•    Managing cloud apps being accessed
•    Knowledge of endpoint locations
•    Control growing number of potential breaches


Network Security Insight Benefits

•    Utilise AI to identify all anomalies
•    Understand data volumes & patterns 
•    Drive policy & access efficiencies
•    Identify malware & other threatening traffic
•    Highlight compromised devices
•    Identity & classify all connected devices

Darktrace Proof of Value

Network Security Insight Success Stories

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Network Security Insight

powered by Ensign

Ensign’s solution offers up to 3 proactive network security insight tools, each providing specific analytical and assessment expertise in the identification of unique security challenges across your wired and wireless infrastructure

Throughout the assessment, Ensign collate network intelligence, providing you with granular insights, highlighting all potential remediation actions needed to maximise the potential of your network and its users – boosting productivity and performance

Network Security Insight Assets

IoT and Cyber Security

Learn about the latest cyber-crime trends and how you can protect your business

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Cyber Security Statistics

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Build Your Own Network Security Insight

Next Generation Firewall

Unobtrusive ‘listen only’ tool utilising Deep Packet Inspection and full OSI Layer 7 capability  

NGFW for your business

Device Fingerprinting

pro-actively fingerprint, identify and classify all networked IP-devices

Advanced Network Security

Threat Visualisation providing complete visibility of all devices and data streams

Leverage AI & Machine Learning

Visibility & Analysis

Secure Device Insight

Vendor agnostic solution to pro-actively fingerprint, identify and classify all IP connected devices on a network. ClearPass Device Insight (CPDI) can provide complete visibility of known and unknown devices allowing manual security decisions to be made. Working in co-ordination with ClearPass Policy Manager, CPDI is a powerful tool allowing for automation of policy enforcement based on the findings


Next Generation Firewall
Palo Alto firewalls to provide advanced perimeter protection through the whole data stack, creating complex protection policies at an application user and level

AI Threat Detection
Discover, Analyse and Act against unpredictable cyber threats with end-to-end network visibility

AI Threat Response
Interrupt attacks and implement autonomy to surgically remove threats from your network

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