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Over our 30 years of excellence in the design, deployment, security and management of enterprise grade mobility solutions, Ensign has built up vast experience across many operating sectors. We'll have a solution that's just right for your business.

With solutions across many sectors, we understand that every business has its unique requirement, and so we will work closely with your teams to ensure we design the solution that's best for your business.



Solutions which streamline retail operations and improve the customer experience, providing you with revenue generation and customer analytics options.

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Distribution & Warehouse


Wireless networks and Auto Data Capture solutions designed to streamline operations and improve performance and efficiency across warehouse, distribution and manufacturing environments.

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Leisure & Hospitality


Improve your visitor experience with high performance guest wireless access. Use an array of wireless analytical tools to push laser focused marketing to your visitors, creating revenue streams for your business.

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Commercial Offices


Wireless networks for businesses of every size and across every industry. Provide seamless and secure corporate employee and guest access, with high availability and dynamic segmentation.

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Public Sector


Providing the platform to transform the learning experience with safe, secure and high capacity connectivity solutions, for employees, students and guests.

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