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Wireless LAN Controllers

for simple management of your wireless assets

 There are numerous controller-less access point options available from the market-leading manufacturers, however Wireless LAN Controllers remain a core pillar of enterprise-grade networks. 

Acting as the central point for multiple access point deployments, wireless LAN controllers offer you a  vast range of functionalities through which to manage the performance and usage of your networks. 

Often deployed as a resilient pair, wireless LAN controllers give your business the peace of mind that should a network outage or controller failure occur, then a backup controller will seamlessly take its place.

Aruba WLAN Controllers

Ensign design, deploy, secure and support Aruba HPE wireless mobility controller solutions.

As some of the most advanced on the market, Aruba wireless LAN controllers (or mobility controllers) businesses truly centralised management, layered network security and policy control, integrated application-aware platforms and IP services.

Available in a range of iterations, port numbers and power options, the Aruba mobility controller range offers advanced wireless LAN performance for anything form small campus and entry-level branch to large branch office and multi-site deployments.

Cisco WLAN Controllers

With Cisco wireless LAN controllers businesses are able to significantly simplify their workflows through centralised network configuration and management of access point estates.

Not only does the Cisco WLAN controller portfolio provide automated failover options, for enhanced performance and network resilience, they also have integrated security to mitigate threats based on user IDs and locations. 

From wireless controllers for large enterprise and campus deployments right through to the wireless controller for small branches, the Cisco WLC range has the correct hardware for your business needs.