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Outdoor WiFi

We all know it - ­today’s mobile users increasingly expect quality WiFi coverage regardless of their location; inside, outside or roaming between the two.

This is particularly prevalent within the hospitality, education and industrial sectors, where users are often high in density and require the freedom to move around the site or campus without a loss of connection or quality-of-service (QoS). 

Ensign Communications has a great deal of experience in creating robust, rugged and weatherproof outdoor WiFi for a wide range of customers with varied requirements. No matter how challenging, our technical engineers will find a way to provide an outdoor network that not only works, but can improve your customer service or business operations.

Whether you are looking for microwave bridge links to connect two or more buildings over large distances or are seeking to extend your WiFi to the outside of your premises with outdoor-specific wireless access points, we can help.

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Ensign Outdoor WiFi solutions include:

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Point to Point WiFi

Point-to-point wireless solutions are typically applied to building-to-building links, leased line or fibre replacements and mobile wireless backhaul connections. A point-to-point connection can operate on unlicensed and licensed frequencies, with speeds varying between 100mbps to 5Gbps full duplex. Eliminating the requirement to lay fibre cabling, point-to-point WiFi bridge links offer a cost effective, high-performance, solution for business data, voice and video.


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Point to Multipoint WiFi

Designed to bridge multiple distributed wireless locations to one centralised point, point-to-multipoint solutions can operate on unlicensed and licensed frequencies at speeds up to 1Gbps and are where ADSL or fibre installation is either impractical or not cost-effective. Our point-to-multipoint wireless solutions have been used to connect buildings across school and business campuses as well as to provide backhaul for business-critical applications, such as CCTV.


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WiFi Mesh Networks

Experts in the design and installation of wireless mesh networks; Ensign has covered some of the most extreme outdoor environments imaginable with fast and secure WiFi coverage. Ideal for large, expansive, outdoor deployments, mesh networks provide performance and built-in resilience whilst offering a fully-scalable, self-configuring, self-healing network option that is used to provide public WiFi, marina WiFi, as well as campus and campsite connectivity.


Wireless Backhaul Solutions

Wireless Backhauling

Ensign backhaul solutions can be applied to add higher levels of reliability to existing networks, boasting 99.999% uptime, irrespective of location or wireless environment. Our portfolio of proven wireless backhaul technology has been deployed by WISPs, Governments, Utilities providers and industry for data, cellular and CCTV backhaul requirements.


Benefit from Outdoor WiFi Wireless Networks

When seeking to provide network access across outdoor environments traditional wired setups can be an expensive and often impractical option. Not only can leased lines provide slow connectivity,­ which struggle to meet the demands of live streaming, social media and instant messaging, but leasing charges can add-up over time, representing a bad investment.

Outdoor WiFi Mesh

Outdoor access points, wireless meshing and outdoor routers can be the perfect solution for large campus environments, such as schools, colleges and universities, hotels, holiday parks and marinas, as well as large stadiums, race tracks and ferry terminals. An outdoor WiFi solution offers an attractive return on investment as operational costs are kept low whilst users are able to make the most of super-fast connections that they will happily pay a premium for.

  • Wirelessly connect multiple buildings over large distances
  • Reduce costs and save money on leased-line installs, maintenance and subscriptions
  • Optimise your business productivity with the reliability of wireless
  • Connect at speeds up to 5Ghz
  • Point to point, point to multipoint and wireless mesh solution options
  • Gigabit microwave links operating on licensed and unlicensed spectrums


Protected outdoor WiFi

Our range of high-quality industrial enclosures are designed to protect your network components from the harshest conditions. IP65 Rated and Atex Approved, these electrical enclosure are ideal for both indoor and outdoor deployments, protecting against environmental threats such as water, temperature, dust and other airborne pollutants, as well as theft and tampering.

Outdoor WiFi Surveys - 100% coverage guarantee

*Whenever an onsite wireless survey is undertaken as part of a project, we will guarantee full WiFi coverage (single or resilient) on the hardware that we install

Each outdoor wireless project is different and comes with its own set of particular environmental challenges. Our in-depth understanding of radio frequencies helps us to create the correct network design whether it be a point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or wireless mesh solution. Conducting a detailed WiFi site survey will allow our network design team to determine the number and location of radio masts and access points, ensuring that the correct degree of coverage is achieved and that overall costs are kept low.

Support your Outdoor WiFi 24 x 7

As the complete networking partner, we offer a range of bespoke IT support options to suit every level of requirement and budget. Our dedicated support team will respond to and resolve any network issues you may encounter. With our technical team on-hand, you can be sure that your customers, students or staff are never without a reliable wireless connection.


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