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Palo Alto Firewalls

As the market leading manufacturer of Next-Generation Firewalls, Palo Alto Networks understand that today’s enterprise networking environment is flooded with unidentified applications

Firmly occupying the top-spot in enterprise network security (Gartner), Palo Alto Networks have revolutionised the way we approach the protection of our digital business assets. Palo Alto Networks’ Next Generation Firewalls provide enterprise users with ground-breaking levels of security and network visibility, as well as the capacity for granular control over applications and content defined by user, not just IP address, and all this at speeds of up-to 20Gbps with no lag in performance.


Palo Alto Firewall solutions include:

Palo Alto Firewalls Enterprise Mobile Security

Are your staff and other network users mobile? With individuals carrying – on average – three WiFi enabled devices with them at any time, there’s a very high chance they are.

But what of are the implications for security? Embracing mobility is great, and there are many positive implications for a workforce who aren’t tied to the traditional desk or office space. However, knowing who and what is on your mission-critical network is…well, critical.

Palo Alto Networks’ GlobalProtect provides the solution to ensure the safe and secure use of mobile devices for business.

Through management of the device and the Apps housed within it, businesses can be sure that usage is always in-line with corporate policy.

Palo Alto Firewalls with Advanced IPS

Palo Alto's Next-Generation layer 7 firewalls, provide enterprise users with ground-breaking levels of security and network visibility, as well as the capacity for granular control over applications and content defined by user, not just IP address, and all this at speeds of up-to 20Gbps with no lag in performance.

Through the innovation of three core technologies, App ID, User ID and Content ID, Palo Alto firewalls encourage safe application enablement to allow the enterprise workforce to use the resources they require to be increasingly productive.

With the level of enterprise network security delivered by Palo Alto Networks' Next-Generation Firewalls, Ensign's highly experienced technical team can create an advanced network security solution that hands complete control back to you and your enterprise network.  

Next-Generation threat prevention

In an era of unprecedented cyber-threats, the prevention of attack – or, at least, having the defences in place to mitigate them – has never been more important.

With advanced URL Filtering, WildFire – which leverages the visibility capabilities of the Palo Alto Firewall to tackle all manner of cyberattacks, including Advances Persistent Threats (APT), and threat prevention subscriptions the Palo Alto range of threat prevention solutions has got all the answers.

With the Palo Alto method of network security, multiple layers of protection create a stages inspection process, which identifies malware by scanning all network traffic – applications, users, and content, regardless of their port or network protocol.

Restore your faith in Endpoint Security with Palo Alto 'TRAPS'

Endpoint security is now a prime concern for many businesses. With the number of endpoints rapidly increasingly through mobile adoption and wearable technology, not keeping track can leave significant holes in business cyber-defences.

Palo Alto’s Advanced Endpoint Protection or ‘Traps’ has revolutionised the way the businesses approach security. By focusing on the techniques most-often employed by cyber-criminals, Traps is able to halt the progress of malware before an attack is identified.  

Don't compromise your business Network Security

Ensign is committed to providing network-centric security solutions, which simultaneously reduce risks and reduce the overall costs to your business.

An increasing frequency of high-profile cyber-security breaches in recent times has led businesses of all sizes to reassess their network security. With many networks now considered to be mission-critical and with more valuable data at risk than ever before, a more positive and measured approach to network protection is required.

Our network and Cyber-Security solutions are built not only with today’s threats in mind but for continued security long into the future. By considering the traffic, both internal and external, businesses are able to simplify the network security management whilst ensuring that the end-users remain productive and have the access to network resources that they require.

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