Point to Point Wireless

the ideal alternative where wired connections are impossible or impractical

Point to point wireless is the ideal alternative for business communication between two buildings or sites where wired connection is either impossible, costly or impractical. Point to point Ethernet bridge link facilitates a wireless data connection between two or more networks or buildings across distances up to 100 Kilometres and at speeds up to 1Gbps


Providing businesses with fibre-like speeds, point to point wireless links are an excellent alternative for high-speed data, voice and video transfer between your business locations

No matter what your point to point wireless requirement, Ensign have a solution and the expertise to help you and your business to benefit from high-capacity, low-latency, long distance wireless data transfer. Our design, installation and support teams are always on-hand to ensure that your project is delivered on time and to the highest standard

Long Distance Point to Point Wireless

A point to point Ethernet bridge link can benefit your business through the elimination of leasing lines or subscription-based systems with no loss in performance. Providing highly reliable connections, point to point wireless offers a lower total cost of ownership and has the versatility of deployment for rural, metropolitan or residential environments

Whether you are looking to achieve high-speed business networking or to provide wireless backhaul for surveillance connectivity, point to point bridges are a great option for your business

Where line of sight exists between two points, point to point bridge pairs can be set up and installed, often within a single day, with the minimum of disruption to your business. The ease of install and the resilience to harsh weather conditions make point to point bridge links a viable fibre alternative.

Operating in both licensed and unlicensed spectrums, our point to point solutions ensure that your business has the network uptime and performance for mission critical data transfer – our links offer 99.999% uptime

Broadcasting, construction or military environments often require temporary wireless connections. The simplicity of point to point wireless makes it the perfect solution where temporary wireless is required between two points

Unlicensed Microwave Links

Although offering no guaranteed interference protection, unlicensed microwave links which operate in the ‘unlicensed’ frequency bands, either below 6GHz or above 42GHz, can provide a more cost-effective option as they eliminate any additional costs and can be rapidly deployed

Licenced Microwave Links

For businesses seeking a wireless backhaul which will serve as a direct replacement for leased lines. Licensed microwave links - which operate within the ‘licensed’ 6-42GHz bands, will provide superior bandwidth availability, speed and the interference protection necessary