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Purple WiFi

As an authorised partner and reseller of Purple, Ensign are able to integrate their leading guest WiFi and analytics solution with any new or existing wireless network

The desire for businesses and other organisations to leverage their guest WiFi to increase sales and to build upon customer relationships is highly prevalent in our increasingly digital and data-filled world. With Purple's Social Login feature, guests can be granted access to WiFi via the social media platform of their choice, enhancing online presence, brand awareness and loyalty.

Purple’s cloud-based portal provides businesses with in-depth, real-time, customer insights, such as new and returning visitors, age and gender, as well as location and dwell time information which can then be used to engage WiFi users with targeted offer an promotions. 


What are the business benefits of Purple WiFi?

Social WiFi

Offering social WiFi is simultaneously beneficial for your guests and for your business. By allowing customers to gain access to your wireless network via their preferred social media platform - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more - you simplify the login process, eliminating unnecessary forms and making the entire experience more customer-friendly. For your business, social WiFi immediately builds your brands' online profile with more 'likes', followers and customer engagement. Not only this, the wealth of user data available can assist in laser targeted marketing. 

Detailed Guest WiFi reports

We live in an age of DATA, whether it be in relation to our shopping habits, eating habits, preferred technology or location; why not use it to the advantage of your business? Purple guest WiFi empowers businesses to dig that little bit deeper into the identity and habits of their customers. Once identified, customer segments can be created to which specific, real-time, offers and promotions can be sent.

WiFi facilitated marketing

As mentioned above, the Purple analytics engine can enhance the marketing activity of all kinds of businesses, from hotels and hospitality, to retail, pubs, restaurants and busy event or expo environments. Acting upon real-time data, push vouchers and promotions to customers based on a broad range of segmentation data, such as new Vs returning visitors, their location or dwell time in a particular location, user age or gender or even previous purchases. This is a great way to reward customer loyalty as Purple will identify those patrons who have logged-on previously.  

WiFi location tracking

Using device MAC addresses to identify individual customers, Purple hands business the ability to collect highly valuable insight into the effectiveness of store layouts, customer journeys and promotional offer placements. Location tracking can also highlight areas of high or undesirable footfall, 'choke' points or problematic queueing areas. With all of this data to hand, businesses can test the effectiveness of various layouts and even report on whether certain areas, products or promotions are working based on data overlays such as gender or age.

How Can We Help?

Talk to Ensign today to find out how Purple can help you and your business to better understand and market to your customers. Monetising - and seeing a valuable return on your guest WiFi investment - is at the forefront of what we offer; customer WiFi access doesn't have to be at the expense of the business.


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