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Retail WiFi

The applications of WiFi within retail stores are numerous and the business benefits are clear for an industry that thrives on customer engagement, branding and intelligent marketing activities.

Whatever it is that you’d like to achieve through your in-store WiFi, Ensign’s robust, high-capacity and secure wireless network solutions can enhance your business activities. From customer location-based analytics, inventory tracking, social media login and push marketing, to employee performance tracking, mobile EPOS, reduced shrinkage and ever-better margins, Ensign has helped retailers of all sizes to deploy in-store WiFi. 

Rapid growth of the mobile technology market has sparked a revolution in retail. The ways that consumers interact and engage with brands and the ways in which retailers now view their customers continues to evolve.

Surviving in the digital-age has driven traditional high-street- and shopping centre-based businesses to adapt their in-store experiences in accordance with today’s connected shoppers. When properly implemented, a guest retail WiFi solution will help to nurture customer loyalty in an age characterised by choice, as well as leveraging  the mountain of data now available in order to laser-target sales and marketing efforts. 

Sainsbury's Retail WiFi Case Study

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Retail WiFi in-store engagement solutions

Why choose Ensign Retail WiFi solutions?

  • 100% coverage - no 'dead spots' for seamless mobility and roaming
  • Mobile EPOS - Improve your customer service and the flexibility of your staff members
  • WiFi Analytics - Track customers movements and interests with location-based analytics
  • PCI Compliant - Segment your customer and business traffic with our secure VLANs
  • Social Media Login & Analytics - Plug-and-Play WiFi with social integration and sophisticated marketing options
  • Constant Performance - Our centralised network monitoring, management and support means total peace-of-mind

Our Retail WiFi Customers

Our Retail WiFi Customers

We have worked closely with our clients within the retail sector to gain a detailed understanding of their pain points and how we can use wireless technology to improve education for students and staff alike.

Ensign retail WiFi is built with performance delivery and continuity in mind. Our enterprise-grade networks - from Aruba HPE, Ruckus Wireless, Cisco and Cisco Meraki - provide unbeatable network coverage, capacity and resilience, ensuring that corporate, in-store and customer WiFi performs as expected all of the time.

Take a look at some of our previous retail WiFi projects. 

Features of Ensign Retail WiFi include:

Retail WiFi Customer Engagement Solutions

Leverage Retail WiFi with Location-Based Services

Offering guest WiFi can have many benefits for retailers far beyond satisfying the customers’ desire for connectivity. Through real-time network monitoring, WiFi analytics provides intelligent end-user data which can enhance customer engagement both in-store and through strategic marketing campaigns.

Customer and location profiling helps retailers to paint a detailed picture as to who their patrons are, and how they behave in-store. Armed with this information, retail marketing and operations departments can tailor their activities to reflect what the customer actually wants.

Retail WiFi Marketing

Bluetooth-powered WiFi beacon technology enables retailers to gain location-based insights and to send ‘proximity-aware’ push notifications to customers relative to their position and - opt-in - personal profile.

By engaging with - and incentivising - customers, retailers are able to increase the time spent in physical stores and to leverage a channel through which to highlight tailored offers which my otherwise have been overlooked.

Social Media Login

The integration of WiFi access and social media engagement adds a further layer of introduction with retail brands at the shop-floor level, allowing offers and promotions to be pushed when they are most likely to be received positively. Once logged-on to the guest network, customers can ‘opt-in’ to marketing programmes or newsletters, provide timely feedback or sign-up for location-based coupons and marketing offers.

Security & PCI Compliance

Brand loyalty is of great importance to any retailer and nothing can harm this more than a breach in network security. To combat an increasing degree of sophistication in malware, hacking and virus delivery, business from all sectors must take a strategic approach to network security.

Our industry leading WiFi solutions are built with security in-mind, featuring state-of-the-art wireless intrusion prevention and wireless detection systems (WIPS & WIDS), as well as PCI compliance.

Mobile Data Capture & EPOS

From supply chain, proof-of-delivery and inventory management, to mobile point-of-sale, queue busting and mobility, Ensign takes pride in our ability to provide the total retail wireless solution.

Retail data capture and barcode scanning from Ensign

Our partnerships with Honeywell, Intermec (now part of Honeywell) and Datalogic ensure that our retail clients are supplied with industry-leading hardware, which can be supported and maintained by our team of trained and accredited technicians.


Retail guest WiFi services and solutions from EnsignGuest WiFi Services

The primary function of retail wireless networks has always been to provide up-to-date and accurate information relating to stock levels and inventory logistics as well as to communicate with operations departments and management. However, by offering customers a personalised guest WiFi experience, retailers are now able to improve upon existing customer relationships through the delivery of richer shopping experiences and informed push-marketing.


Our network access control and management solutions provide a sophisticated and secure approach to in-store guest WiFi deployment. Through a custom-branded portal, shoppers are able to self-register in seconds, eliminating any requirement for on-site IT resources and allowing them to create a personalised, ‘opt-in’, brand marketing experience.

Of course, allowing non-corporate devices onto your business network can be a scary proposition, and rightly so. Separating guest traffic from sensitive corporate data is achieved through the grouping of network users into various groups which are defined by their levels of access and assigning a unique network identifier (SSID). This way, customers can only access the Internet, whilst employees can use the same network to access business resources.

Purple WiFi for Restaurants and BarsPurple WiFi

As an authorised partner and reseller of Purple, Ensign are able to integrate their leading guest WiFi and WiFi analytics solutions with any new or existing wireless network.

The Purple Analytics Engine can enhance the marketing activity of all kinds of businesses, from hotels and hospitality, to retail, pubs, restaurants and busy event or expo environments. Acting upon real-time data, push vouchers and promotions to customers based on a broad range of segmentation data, such as new Vs returning visitors, thier location or dwell time in a particular location, user age or gender or even previous purchases.

This is a great way to reward customer loyalty as Purple will identify those patrons who have logged-on previously. 

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