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As one of the leading authorities on Ruckus Wireless in the UK and a trusted reseller of Ruckus hardware, Ensign Communications have deployed Ruckus solutions to businesses and organisations within a broad range of industry sectors and in many challenging environments.

Focused on delivering high-capacity wireless solutions, Ruckus’ Smart WiFi technology has redefined the limits of what businesses can expect from not only their network performance, but its flexibility, reliability and – more importantly – its affordability. Dubbed ‘Pervasive Performance’, Ruckus Wireless have developed a leading portfolio of business-grade WiFi solutions which deliver unprecedented network capacity, wireless range and RF interference mitigation. 

Why choose Ruckus for your business WiFi?

Now and Arris company, Ruckus Wireless offers the full gamut of enterprise solutions to cover any network requirement. In a relatively short amount of time Ruckus have grown within an already highly comptitive enterprise wireless LAN and network infrastructure market to become a leader in thier own right. 

Ruckus Wireless Partners, Consultants and Resellers

As a trusted partner, it is our aim to provide UK Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, customers with the best possible service, advice and support. Our technical team are constantly improving their knowledge and skillsets and are proud to be partnered with such an innovative and exciting wired and wireless network solutions provider. 

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Ruckus Zoneflex Indoor Access Points from Ensign CommunicationsRuckus Zoneflex Indoor Access Points

Ruckus Wireless' ZoneFlex series of WiFi access points provide businesses and organisations with unprecedented network capacity, coverage and wired-like performance in an affordable and compact form factor. Incorporating Ruckus BeamFlex technology allows their access points to create thousands of unique directional antenna patterns, enhancing RF interference mitigation and reducing the effects of co-channel interference. Whether you are planning a high-density venue deployment or a simple hotspot, Ruckus ZoneFlex has a solution.  

Ruckus Zoneflex Outdoor Access Points from Ensign CommunicationsRuckus Zoneflex Outdoor Access Points

As our networks become increasingly widespread, the requirement for WiFi access in across external areas as well as internal spaces has led to rapid innovation in outdoor-specific access points.

Ruckus’ series of outdoor APs lead the field with their BeamFlex and ChannelFly technologies ensuring that users get as good connectivity outdoors as they do indoors. Built to withstand the toughest environments, look no further than Ruckus for your outdoor WiFi deployments.  

Ruckus Unleashed Wireless Access Points from Ensign CommunicationsRuckus Wireless Unleashed Access Points

Business-grade WiFi isn’t just for the ‘big boys’, the requirement for robust, secure and high-capacity wireless transcends all business types and sizes and the Ruckus Unleashed platform has been designed specifically to serve the SMB market.

With no need for a Wireless LAN Controller (or dedicated IT staff), Ruckus Unleashed gives smaller organisations an affordable, easy-to-use WiFi option without compromising on quality.  

Ruckus Zonedirector Wireless LAN Controllers from Ensign CommunicationsRuckus ZoneDirector WLAN Controllers 

From the ZoneDirector 1200 (SMB) to the ZoneDirector 5000 (Large Enterprise) Ruckus WLAN Controllers offer flexibility, scalability, and manageability in a range of highly-affordable form factors. Running on the entire ZoneDirector range, the Ruckus ‘Smart/OS’ software makes delivering a fully managed, centralised wireless LAN easier than ever before. Cover every aspect of your network performance, from user access control and traffic redirection, to performance control tools and authentication reporting with Ruckus ZoneDirector. 



Ruckus ICX Network SwitchesRuckus ICX Network Switches from Ensign Communications 

The Ruckus ICX Switch portfolio has been built with your businesses simplicity and efficiency in mind. Featuring ‘auto provisioning’ and easy stack scaling, Ruckus Network Switching helps businesses to support our growing demands for high-capacity, bandwidth-hogging applications whilst enhancing network security drastically reducing performance degradations.

With the ability to upgrade software licensing based on port number, there is no hassle should you need to upscale or downsize your Ruckus network.



Ruckus Cloud WiFi Management from Ensign CommunicationsRuckus Cloud WiFi

Many businesses have experienced a shift in the way that they operate and maintain their wireless networks and this impact has been felt most significantly within the IT Department. Ruckus Cloud WiFi takes the stress out of setting-up and managing business critical WLANs whilst adding user-friendly layers of provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting.

If you would like to trial Ruckus Cloud for 60 days with no obligation to buy – contact us today. 



Ruckus CloudPath Enrollment from Ensign CommunicationsRuckus CloudPath

In a multi-user/multi-device wireless environment, it takes an intelligent approach to enrolment to ensure a great user experience. In the age of ‘mission-critical’ business networks dropped packets, slow connections or failed on-boarding are simply not acceptable. Ruckus Cloudpath delivers secure wired and wireless access for your BYOD clients, as well as guests and your IT-owned devices, featuring a granular approach to essential policy controls. 


Ruckus Wireless Location Services from Ensign CommunicationsRuckus Location-Based Services

At Ensign Communications, we believe that WiFi is an asset NOT a cost, and this is a mantra shared by Ruckus Wireless too. Their location-based services engine, SPoT (Smart Positioning Technology) is the industry’s most flexible WiFi positioning service and enables businesses to transform their wireless networks into additional revenue streams and better customer engagement. As cloud based technology, Ruckus SPoT is untethered in terms of its scalability and comes with no hardware requirements whatsoever.  

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