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Education WiFi

Managed & supported School, College & University WiFi.

Wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are now widely used and have the potential to revolutionise education from both sides of the desk. With the requirement for wired access no longer an important consideration, robust, resilient and scalable WiFi wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructures have become a necessary commodity for schools of all sizes. 

It is Ensign's belief that great school WiFi is about facilitating better education through reliable, secure and supported wireless connectivity, which provides students and staff with the ability to work and connect in all areas of the school campus, all of the time.

Partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturers within the education sector, Aruba Networks (Wireless LAN) , Ruckus Wireless and Cisco Meraki (Cloud Based Networking), Ensign’s school WiFi solutions are always subject to a professional WiFi site survey and are designed to provide the highest levels of performance, coverage and scalability.

Using the latest in 802.11n and 802.11ac wireless technology from the industry's leading manufacturers our education WiFi solutions are built to offer flexibility and scalability for the future. In addition to killer performance, we realise the importance of strong, but not restrictive, network security. Through an extensive portfolio of security, firewall and managed WiFi solutions we offer our customers the peace-of-mind that their data and end-users are kept safe at all times.

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Secure School, College and University WiFi

Bespoke Managed School WiFi Solutions

Having worked with a great many schools we understand the WiFi is becoming increasingly important within contemporary classrooms. Our fully-customised School WiFi not only comes with a network coverage guarantee but we also ensure that your students, staff and guests benefit from the highest levels of network capacity

Our network engineers and technical architects will survey, design and install a school wireless infrastructure which facilitates access to a wide-range of devices, whilst accounting for areas of high-density and potential network congestion such as libraries or common areas. 

Hardenhuish Aruba School WiFi by Ensign Communications

"Ensign's installation and site survey skills were a great help in accurately calculating the number and positions of the wireless access points. Their expertise removed any guess-work and made the process an enjoyable one."

Nick Reed, ICT Support Manager @ Hardenhuish School



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School WiFi Essentials:

School WiFi Coverage Guarantee from Ensign Communications

Campus Network Coverage

Removing IT from dedicated areas, such as computer labs, and allowing students to make use of the network from across the campus is a desirable characteristic of modern school networking. Providing WiFi coverage in outside areas, such as playing fields and recreational areas, allows students and teachers to evolve a more flexible approach to their education outside of more traditional classroom scenarios.

Handing students the ability to roam around the school campus with their devices can highlight a number of technical considerations, and requires a fresh approach to infrastructure design.

WiFi Network Capacity 

The capacity of WiFi networks is a core consideration for high-density schools, colleges and universities; each student, teacher and staff member carrying – at least – one device will inevitably put a strain on WiFi performance.

Through identifying areas of high bandwidth usage, such as libraries, computer rooms and common areas, higher powered access points can be deployed to cater for the high volume of traffic. Network designs with limited capacity will ultimately result in a poor end-user experience and, more importantly, the effectiveness of the school wireless deployment.

Why Ensign School, College & University WiFi?

  • Indoor, outdoor & high-density WiFi expertise 
  • Mission-critical WiFi deployments 
  • Built-in WiFi network resilience and redundancy
  • Duty-of-Care: Network security for students and staff
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) & secure guest WiFi access
  • Controller, controller-less & cloud based WLAN

Network Resilience

Modern wireless devices do not have the capacity for a wired fall-back, making the resilience of WiFi in education another core consideration. A commitment to digital learning means that network downtime of any sort can be significantly disruptive to both the teaching and learning process.

One of the biggest problems for school wireless is that the health of the infrastructure can become less resilient over time and the resulting problems can have a negative effect on the productivity and learning experience of students.

Empower Students and Staff with BYOD

Ensign Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions can help schools, colleges and universities of all sizes and requirements to ensure the protection, security and freedom of their networks. Whether your objective is to address security concerns, lighten the load on your IT staff, improve student and teacher productivity, to take a better approach to management and network visibility, or to build a BYOD platform from the ground-up, we have the right solution for you, your staff and your students.

Secure Student, Staff & Guest WiFi Access

The complexity of contemporary school networking - whilst providing new levels of productivity, efficiency, cost saving and satisfaction - are now subject to unprecedented degrees of risk from a multitude of sources. Network Access Control (NAC) solutions are an effective and hassle-free way to better monitor and manage the activity across your corporate network by enforcing security policies, authenticating and authorising devices and users based on your pre-defined requirements.


When planning a school wireless network, facilitating the safe use of technology is a primary concern. Allowing comprehensive access to the Internet undoubtedly carries numerous security and duty-of-care implications, such that they can cause an on-going headache for IT departments and teachers alike. To combat this, greater visibility and control over the school network is needed to manage not only its users but their devices and even their applications.

Ensign specialise in professional network firewall and network security solutions, which aim to simultaneously reduce risks and reduce costly network downtime. Our partnerships with Palo Alto Networks and Cisco Systems ensure that our clients deploy the very latest in firewall technology and our network security services have been designed to offer the highest levels of protection and flexibility.

Ensign and Friendly WiFi for SchoolsFriendly WiFi for Schools

As an authorised partner of the Friendly WiFi accreditation scheme, Ensign are able to give schools, their students, parents and guests the assurance that their online experiences are safe from explicit and unsavoury content.

Displaying the Friendly WiFi logo shows that a school has taken responsibility for the safety of their WiFi users, filtering bad content whilst educating young people on safe Internet exploration. Ensign school WiFi, alongside the Friendly WiFi accreditation, comes with a safety standard guarantee. Our web-filtering and network monitoring services ensure that users can only access the content which is relevant to either their education or, with regards to teachers and admin staff, their productivity.

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