Software Defined WAN 

Reduce Costs with Transformational Network Management and Control


SD-WAN (Software Defined) is a new way for businesses to unify the management and control of many WAN connections, such as Broadband, MPLS and LTE. Ensign’s SD-WAN solution is not only simple to deploy and manage; it will optimise your connectivity across multiple branches and improve your total cost of connectivity ownership

In partnership with Silver Peak, an Aruba HPE company, Ensign can design, deploy and manage the SD-WAN solution that is right for your business


simplified network operations


Reduce capital expenditure and simplify your network operations with our Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN). Ensign can help you to optimise your data connectivity across your branches, whilst improving total ownership costs and making your WAN easier to deploy and manage

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SD-WAN Benefits

•    One solution for all your connectivity needs
•    Realtime bandwidth change capability
•    Cloud management for simplicity and scale    
•    Flexibility to manage your own connectivity
•    Live network analytics for informed decision making
•    Cost savings with improved total cost of ownership