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Office WiFi, Campus Networks, Business WAN & SD-WAN

Wired & Wireless Networks For Business

The network is a core part of your IT infrastructure. It is what connects your people to the data and systems they need to be productive. It also enables digitalisation of every part of your business. With our commercial network services, we enable organisations to create a secure network across their business from core-to-edge.

We provide access and flexibility via high performing wireless networks. We can connect every part of your campus with core wired networks, and link every location, with highly resilient and cost effective SD-WAN solutions and connectivity.

Wireless Network & Guest WiFi

Ensign are experts in wireless networks. We help organisations to equip their office environment with a highly resilient wireless environment that provides the best possible coverage. Our team will assess your facility to understand end-user requirements. This then enables us to strategically place access points to deliver the best possible experience.

We also enable you to deliver a highly secure Guest WiFi service. This enables staff to connect with their own devices and provide easy access for your visitors.

Office wireless network

Secure By Design Core Network

Your IT environment is very different today than in the past. You are likely to be leveraging cloud environments. You also have users accessing your network from different locations, using a wide range of company and personal devices.

We help you create a core network that is secure by design. We embrace the concept of a zero-trust network – where policies are created centrally and propagated across your core-to-edge network. The security we put in place includes, next generation firewalls, end-point security and tightly controlled access management.

Commercial e

Looking To Assess Your Business WiFi Environment?

With our commercial network services, we help organisations review their existing network environment with our Smart Assessment. This assessment aims to align your network infrastructure to the needs of your business and end-users.

To find out more about how we can help you in this area, simply provide us with some details and we will connect you with one of our specialists. 

Highly Resilient SD-WAN For Business

You are likely to have multiple locations and people working from home. It is important that you connect all of these locations to your core central network and provide secure access to your internal systems and cloud environments from any location.

Today many organisations are moving to SD-WAN as a way to deliver the most direct and cost-effective access to hybrid-cloud environments. At Ensign we can help you make this move. We do this by architecting a wide area network that meets your specific needs and providing you with an end-to-end solution.

Highly Resilient SD-WAN

Fully Managed Commerical Network Services

The needs of your business are continually changing and so too are the demands being placed on your network by end-users. Ensign offers a fully managed commercial network services, ensuring that your network remains aligned to your needs.

We not only take care of all of the housekeeping but proactively monitor your network and security. We do this to ensure that it delivers maximum uptime, and is continually optimised to deliver the best possible end-user experience.

Fully managed commercial network services at a Network Operations Centre

Why Choose Ensign To Manage Your Network Services?

As secure network specialists, we are able to take care of every aspect of your network infrastructure. Ensign can help you provision a core network fully aligned to the needs of your business, that is secure by design.

We enable you to cost effectively connect every location with a highly resilient WAN or SD-WAN infrastructure. Our team can ensure that end-users are able to connect from every part of every location, with a fully managed and optimised wireless network.