Data Networks For Manufacturing

Industrial Production Line Connectivity

Wired & Wireless Networks For Manufacturing

Digitalisation of the manufacturing process is critical to maximise production, streamline processes and ensure quality at every stage. At Ensign we are specialists at providing the secure and resilient network that keep production lines flowing. We are experts in wired and wireless networks for manufacturing that connect every part of your operation.

We connect the unconnected, whether that be a handheld device, machinery in your operation or the vast array of IoT sensors. These solutions provide you with control over every stage of your manufacturing process. We ensure you have the secure and resilient network you need. Our team can also help unlock the actionable intelligence captured by this network.

Resilient Wired & Wireless Network

Your production line relies on your data network, whether connecting through wires or wirelessly. We ensure that you not only have a network that you can rely on with maximum uptime, but that this network performs, delivering the low-latency you require to drive throughput.

Our team are highly experienced at providing secure and resilient networks for manufacturing. We understand the critical nature, the specific patterns of network usage. We can design, deploy and manage a solution that meets your unique needs across your unique environment.

Manufacturing Environment

Maximising IoT

Today there is a world of opportunity to connect every part of your operation. A vast array of IoT sensors enables you to have real-time visibility into your manufacturing process, plant and the equipment being used, and also the environmental aspects of your facility.

We only enable you to seamlessly connect all of these sensors to your network. We help you leverage analytical tools and AI, to turn this vast array of data points into actionable intelligence. This information can drive process efficiency, greater productivity and reduce costs.

Digital factory production technology

Want To Discuss What Is Possible?

Ensign are helping manufacturers to digitalise their manufacturing through highly resilient and intelligent core-to-edge networks.

To talk about what is possible and what we are doing for similar organisations, simply provide us with some details. We will then connect you with one of our specialists.

Delivering Key Insights

We turn the vast array of data captured by your network into key insights into every aspect of your operation. We take the time to understand what is important to you. Our team can show you how you can gain the intelligence to increase efficiency and productivity across your operation.

Our experience of connecting data collection devices, IoT sensors, and securely flowing data around your production line enables us to help you digitally transform your operation. Through analytics tools and AI we are able to turn data into real-time insights. We can digitally track your manufacturing process, from receiving raw goods, through to QA of finished products.

Data insights

Proactively Managing Your Network

Any failure in your data network can have a significant impact on your production capacity. This is why you need to ensure not only the maximum uptime of your network but that it continues to perform against the needs of your operation.

At Ensign we provide a meticulous managed service, where we monitor your network around the clock. We continually ensure that your network is secure and optimised for the best possible performance. We take care of the housekeeping, leverage our best-in-class performance monitoring tools, and identify and address issues before they impact your operation.

Manufacturing Network Operations Centre

Why Choose Ensign To Build Your Manufacturing Network?

At Ensign we are experts in secure managed networks. We bring a wealth of experience of designing, deploying and managing wired and wireless networks within manufacturing environments. We understand what is important to you and the specific nuances of your operation.

Our team can deliver a network that performs for you. Your network can also support you on your digital journey, connecting every stage of your production facility and leveraging the latest IoT technology to streamlines processes and deliver valuable and actionable intelligence.